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Platform : embedded

1. Watt hour meter using PIC Microcontroller.

2. Designing Energy Meters with the PIC16F877A.

3. Power factor monitoring using PIC Microcontroller.

4. ZIGBEE for Intelligent Transport System applications.

5. Real Time Traffic Support in Wireless Sensor Networks

6. ZIGBEE for building control wireless sensor networks.

7. An implementation of remote lighting control system based on Zigbee technology.

8. High-Performance Wireless Sensor Node for Industrial Control Applications.

9. An embedded system for pollution control in automobiles by using a MEMS accelerometer signal

10. Intelligent Textiles Based on MEMS Technology.

11. Design of a Flexible Stethoscope Sensor Skin Based on MEMS Technology.

12. A digital brightness controlled white LED driver with I2C-bus interface

13. CAN bus embedded system for lighting network applications.

14. Autonomous Obstacles Negotiating Inspection Robot for Power Transmission Lines.

15. An embedded system and RFID solution for transport related tissues.

16. A New Type of Embedded Autolevelling Control System based on Microcontroller for Carding Machine.

17. Networked embedded systems in industrial automation.

18. Voice based controlled car through finger print recognition

19. Text – to – Speech Application: Personal Assistant for Deaf and Dumb People

20. Voice Recognition: Modeling of wheel chair through Embedded Technology for physically impaired people

21. HIAH: Human Interactive Automation for Home Appliance with Embedded Technology

22. Bio Signal Acquisition and Monitoring study through Microcontroller – EEG

23. BCI: Brain Computer Interactive System for Device Control

24. Personal Spy: Data Logging System using GPS and SD Card module

25. GPS based Path Guidance System with Integrated Google Maps

26. High sensitive Oil water separator using PIC microcontroller

27. Future generation Wakeup robot using PIC microcontroller

28. Automatic file reader robot

29. Brain Signal Acquisition (EEG) and Display

30. Plant irrigation with AI

31. Automatic light tracking robot

32. Automatic door open / close control system for Pedestrian Walk using Motion sensors

33. Remote controlled dish antenna position control

34. Motion shadow activated alarm system

35. Grid Control/Load Shedder

36. Zero Moment Point Balancer Using PID Control Algorithm

37. Wireless based Autonomous Color sensing robot using Pic microcontroller

38. Ultra sonic haptic vision control system for mine using PIC Microcontroller and I2C Protocol

39. Wireless street light automation with fault identification

40. Smart telephone usage with intercom and Tele-logger system using PIC and SD card

41. In air based motion control mouse based on MEMS technology for pc application

42. Wireless human-robot interface based on MEMS technology

43. Variable Frequency generator with LCD scope display using PIC Microcontroller

44. Electronic Stability Control using TTCAN and Fuzzy Logic

45. Adaptive Cruise Control System using TTCAN and Fuzzy Logic

46. Advanced Drive by Wire Control System using TTCAN and Fuzzy Logic

47. Adaptive Front lighting System using Fuzzy Logic over CAN - LIN Multiplexed Network

48. Automated Vehicle Security System with ZigBee Keyless Entry over CAN - LIN Network

49. Automotive Network Diagnostics with Crash Data Retrieval System using J1939 and LIN

50. Autonomous Self Parking Vehicle using CAN

51. Automated Highway Network for Traffic Analyzer System using CAN

52. Train Collision Prevention System using Automatic Block Signaling Network over CAN

53. Automated Ship Lifting Installation using Distributed Control System over CAN

54. Hospital Area Network for Multiple ECG Signal Acquisition over High Speed CAN

55. Anti Theft System for Electronic Equipments using Inertial MEMS Sensor and ZigBee

56. Automotive Airbag Deployment System with Crash Data Logger using MEMS Accelerometer

57. Motion Activated Power Saving System using MEMS Accelerometer and I2C Network

58. Advanced Parachute Deployment System using MEMS Free Fall Detector and I2C Protocol

59. Motion Operated Scrolling Display using MEMS Accelerometer and I2C Protocol

60. Motion Controlled Password Recognition System using MEMS Accelerometer

61. Human Fall Protection System using Wearable Airbags and MEMS Accelerometer

62. Embedded Ethernet For Direct-Recording Electronic Voting System

63. Embedded Ethernet based Process Control

64. Embedded Web server based wireless robotic control

65. Embedded Ethernet based Wireless Home Automation System for Multifunctional Devices

66. ZigBee File Transmission using Stream Cipher Cryptography for Embedded Applications

67. Automatic Employee Tracking System using ZigBee Network and I2C Memory Card Reader

68. Adaptive Traffic Light Preemption for Emergency Vehicles using ZigBee Wireless Sensor Network

69. Remote Engine Performance Monitoring and Logger System using ZigBee and I2C

70. Wireless Automation of Unmanned Railway Crossing Gate Alert System using ZigBee

71. Wireless DC Buck Converter using ZigBee Remote Control System

72. Biomedical Signal Acquisition(ECG, Heart Rate) using ZigBee

73. Wireless Sensor Network for Multiple Patient Heart Rate Monitoring using ZigBee

74. Human Sense Robot for Rescue Operations using ZigBee, Wireless Video and MEMS Joystick

75. ZigBee Surveillance Vehicle with Robotic Arm and Integrated Wireless Camera

76. Autonomous Self Parking Vehicle using SONAR and I2C Protocol

77. AIBO - Human Following Robotic Pet using Fuzzy Control Algorithm

78. Car Parking Management System using RFID

79. Intelligent Wireless File Tracking System using RFID to Measure Employee Productivity

80. Building Automation using GSM Enabled Mobile Phone

81. Industrial Process Monitoring through GSM

82. Abnormal Heart Rate Detection and Alert System using GSM

83. GPS - GSM based Vehicle Tracking system

84. Automatic Energy Meter Reading using PLC

85. Smart Room Controller using IR based Human Presence Detector

86. Wireless Data Communication with Cryptography using IR

87. Temperature Controlled Fan for Building Automation System

88. Embedded System based Automatic Vehicle Tracking System

89. Automatic Accident Identification and Alert System using Vibration Sensor and RF Technology

90. Anti theft system using I2C

91. Safe Turn Cyclist Jacket System using Dual-Axis MEMS Accelerometer

92. Earth Slope Finder using 3 Axis MEMS Accelerometer

93. I2C based Collision Avoidance and Alert System for Automobiles

94. Ultrasonic Range Meter using PIC and EEPROM

95. City Road Guider using I2C Network of EEPROM and LCD Display

96. Guiding equipment for multi complex buildings using PIC

97. Automobile Accident Time Recorder with RTC and EEPROM using Two wire Protocol

98. Digital Calendar using DS1307 - I2C Real Time Clock and I2C-LCD

99. Cardiac signal monitoring

100. Optical Heart Rate Measurement System

101. Secured Wireless Data Communication using Cryptography (Half Duplex RF)

102. PC Based DC Motor Speed and Direction Control

103. Fire Fighting Robot using PIC microcontroller

104. RF based remote controlled industrial automation

105. Electronic Switch tackling Power cut using PIC and EEPROM

106. RF based remote controlled home automation

107. DC motor speed control using Fuzzy Logic

108. Infrared remote control for home appliances

109. Wireless Data Communication with Cryptography using IR

110. Wireless PC Based Weather monitoring system using IR

111. Micro controller- based protection system for unmanned level crossings

112. Wireless Home Automation System with Programmable Scheduler

113. Firmware based Defense Camp Security System

114. Digital combination lock for security Applications

115. Digital Prepaid Energy Meter

116. Embedded system based DC motor speed control using Fuzzy Logic

117. Energy Efficient Emergency lighting system using LED cluster

118. Intelligent fire sprinkler system

119. Embedded System based Automatic Vehicle Tracking System

120. Digital Calendar using DS1307 - I2C Real Time Clock and I2C-LCD

121. Multi channel temperature monitoring system

122. Remote based Home application control system using PIC

123. 12V DC motor controller using PIC Microcontroller

124. RPM counter of DC motor

125. Automatic Accident Identification and Alert System using Vibration Sensor and RF Technology

126. ATM Card Theft Prevention

127. An I2c Network Protocol for Environment Monitoring

128. Transformer Over-Heat Protection with Intimation to EB

129. Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) based Speed Control of Motors

130. Finger Print based Authentication and Controlling system of devices

131. Dynamic & Automatic Programmable Temperature Control system for Industrial Machineries Safety control system

132. Implementation of Solar Cell Tracking System for the maximum utilization of Solar Power and illumination

133. Message communication between devices using Embedded based network system

134. Embedded Ethernet based remote temperature control system

135. Data Communication through Laser Between two Microcontrollers

136. IVRS Mobile/Tele based GPS with WAP/Voice Technology

137. Recognition of Pattern for Detection of Moving Vehicles

138. Neural Implementation of Fault Diagnosis of Transformers-Any Application

139. Neural Implementation of Energy Consumption in Power Distribution

140. Artificial Intelligence Placed in a Fire Fighting Robot with WAP

141. Power Distribution Management System using WAP

142. PC Based Global Positioning System

143. Library Management System using smart card solution sensor

144. Microcontroller Based Surveillance Robot for a Military Application

145. IR Based Human Radiation Detection Online with Automatic Image Capturing

146. Embedded Controller based Level Measurement and Flow Control

147. Encoding and Decoding Technique for Secured Data Communication

148. Safety Guard Security System for Industries with Sensors and Web cam

149. Microcontroller based Dedicated PID Controller for Temperature

150. Microcontroller based Power Transmission Through RS232

151. Real-time Collection of Biological signals with Microcontroller

152. WAP based system to monitor Remote Patients with Data Mining Report

153. Controlling and Monitoring of Status of Energy Meter in EB Via Wireless

154. Embedded System based Railway Passengers Alerting System

155. Artificial Intelligence Placed in a Fire Fighting Robot with WAP

156. Microcontroller based Safety Guard for Blind Person

157. Power Distribution Management System using WAP

158. Embedded PIC Microcontroller based controlling of devices throw Telephone Lines 1

159. Zigbee based Hospital Automation with online graph and WAP

160. Infant Incubator Parameter Sensing & Monitoring through ZIGBEE Wireless

161. Eye ball Sensor for automatic wheel chair movement for paralyzed patients

162. Automated Environmental Friendly Vehicle system

163. Embedded system based Interlocking system for chemical and Pharmaceutical Industries

164. Embedded system based Automatic Furnace control for improvement of hardness on Materials

165. Energy Efficient Target Coverage in Wireless Sensor Networks

166. Fuzzy Logic based Differential relay for Power Transformer Protection

167. Embedded PIC Micro controller based Safety Road Control With WEB CAM

168. Solar energy for Electrical Applications

169. Wireless-Based Automatic Electricity Billing using Zigbee

170. Industrial Automation Kit using Zigbee

171. Solar Tracking system using Microcontroller “STUDENTS ANY NEW CONCEPTS CAN BE IMPLEMENTED AS PROJECTS”






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