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E – Greeting Threshold

Platform : DOT NET

E – Greeting Threshold Title of the project: E – Greeting Threshold Project Architecture: N-Tire Architecture Abstract of the project: This Project is aimed to help people & organizations to show that there caring & loving for others around them. This in turn will help organizations build good relationship among the employees and to retain them. The solution/system has been built keeping in mind that this will be implemented as part of an organization intranet solution. Every organization has to maintain good relationship with all the employees to retain them, so the people and organization have to show there caring and loving for others around them. For implementing this we have used various types of E-Cards so that employee will select the one, which he likes and sends that to his friend or colleague. There are different types of cards for each occasion for ex (Anniversary cards, birthday cards, Wedding cards, and Achievements cards, Flowers, Gifts etc). Employee can view his inbox if any cards are posted to him. He can add a reminder and he can view that particular event on that particular date. Reminders will be automatically generated for Hr Team of the company without any human intervention. There are three modules involved in this Project. These are:- HR Module: HR must get automatic reminders without any human intervention Employee Module: Employee must get the reminders if he adds profile to his account. Adding Reminders Features: Birthday Wishes Marriage Wishes Festival Greetings Mother's Day / Women's Day Wishes (Diversity Initiatives) Family Tree Wishes with Localization Database Wish Quotes for various occasions Wishes on achievements / promotions Intra company events / activities management Keywords: Generic Technology Keywords: Databases, User Interface, Programming Specific Technology Keywords: ASP.Net, C#.Net, MS SQL Server Project Type Keywords: Analysis, Design, Implementation, Testing SDLC Keywords: Presentation, Business, Data Access Layers Environment: Servers: · Operating System Server: - Microsoft Windows 2000 or Higher · Data Base Server: Microsoft SQL Server 2000/2005 Clients: Microsoft Internet Explorer, Tools: Microsoft Visual Studio .Net User Interface: ASP.NET with AJAX Code Behind: VC#.NET Requirements: Hardware requirements: Number Description 1 PC with 2 GB hard-disk and 256 MB RAM Software requirements: Number Description 1 Windows 2000/ XP/ or Higher with MS-office 2. MS-SQL server2000/2005 3. Ms-Visual Studio .Net 2005 4. Ms-Internet Explorer Manpower requirements: 3 to 4 Developers can complete this in 3-4 months. Milestones: No. Milestone Name Milestone Description Remarks 1 Requirements Specification Complete specification of the system including defining hierarchies constitutes this milestone. A document detailing the same should be written and a presentation on that be made. Attempt should be made to add some more relevant functionality other than those that are listed in this document. 2 Technology familiarization Understanding of the technology needed to implement the project. The presentation should be from the point of view of being able to apply it to the project, rather than from a theoretical perspective. 3 Database creation A database of at least 10 entries of users with at least 1 should application admin. It is important to finalize on the database at this stage itself so that development and testing can proceed with the actual database itself. 4 High-level and Detailed Design Listing down all possible scenarios and then coming up with flow-charts or pseudo code to handle the scenario. The scenarios should map to the requirement specification 5 Development of front end functionalities. Implementation of the main screen giving the login, screen that follows the login giving various options, screens for each of the options During this milestone period, it would be a good idea for the team to start working on a test-plan for the entire system. This test-plan can be updated as and when new scenarios come to mind. 6 Integrating the front-end with the database The front-end developed in the earlier milestone will now be able to update the database. Other features should be functional at this stage. In short, the system should be ready for integration testing. 7 Integration Testing The system should be thoroughly tested by running all the test cases written for the system (from milestone 5). Another 2 weeks should be there to handle any issues found during testing of the system. After that, the final demo can be arranged. 8 Final Review Issues found during the previous milestone are fixed and the system is ready for the final review. During the final review of the project, it should be checked that all the requirements specified during milestone number 1 are fulfilled The following steps will be helpful to start off the project: Study and be comfortable with technologies such as: ASP.Net with C#, and SQL Server. Gather some knowledge of product hierarchies and maintenance before starting the design. Create a user database with different access levels. Start with creating the login screen. Create menus for navigation and group the functionalities as sub menus. Create the help-pages of the application in the form of FAQ. This will helps user.






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