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Platform : VLSI IEEE PROJECTS 2011

IEEE Projects Years : 2011

IEEE VLSI PROJECTS-2011 1 A Digital CMOS Parallel Counter Architecture Based on State Look-Ahead Logic IEEE 2011 IEEE 2011 2 A Hardware Implementation of a Run-Time Scheduler for Reconfigurable Systems IEEE 2011 IEEE 2011 3 Low Latency and Energy Efficient Scalable Architecture for Massive NoCs Using Generalized de Bruijn Graph IEEE 2011 IEEE 2011 4 A Read-Disturb-Free, Differential Sensing 1R/1W Port,8T Bitcell Array IEEE 2011 IEEE 2011 5 Configurable Multimode Embedded Floating-Point Units for FPGAs IEEE 2011 IEEE 2011 6 Reconfigurable Routers for Low Power and High Performance IEEE 2011 IEEE 2011 7 FPGA Based on Integration of CMOS and RRAM IEEE 2011 IEEE 2011 8 Application-Aware Topology Reconfiguration for On-Chip Networks IEEE 2011 IEEE 2011 10 A Hybrid Scheme for On-Chip Voltage Regulation in System-On-a-Chip (SOC) IEEE 2011 IEEE 2011 11 Full Fault Resilience and Relaxed Synchronization Requirements at the Cache-Memory Interface IEEE 2011 IEEE 2011 12 A Novel Column-Decoupled 8T Cell for Low-Power Differential and Domino-Based SRAM Design IEEE 2011 IEEE 2011 13 Energy-Efficient Joint Scheduling and Application-Specific Interconnection Design IEEE 2011 IEEE 2011 14 Two-Stage, Pipelined Register Renaming IEEE 2011 IEEE 2011 15 An On-Chip AHB Bus Tracer With Real-Time Compression and Dynamic Multiresolution Supports for SoC IEEE 2011 IEEE 2011 16 A Novel Programmable Parallel CRC Circuit IEEE 2011 IEEE 2011 17 GALS-based LPSP: Implementation of a Novel Architecture for Low Power High Performance Security Processors IEEE 2011 IEEE 2011 18 A GALS FFT Processor with Clock Modulation for Low-EMI Applications IEEE 2011 IEEE 2011 19 A Low-Power 64-point Pipeline FFT/IFFT Processor for OFDM Applications IEEE 2011 IEEE 2011 20 GALS Design for On-Chip Ground Bounce Suppression IEEE 2011 IEEE 2011 21 Active Memory Processor for Network-on-Chip Based Architecture IEEE 2011 IEEE 2011 22 Implementation of Time-Multiplexed Sparse Periodic FIR Filters for FRM on FPGAs IEEE 2011 IEEE 2011 23 An Adaptive Sleep Transistor Biasing Scheme for Low Leakage SRAM IEEE 2011 IEEE 2011 24 A Reduced-Complexity Architecture for LDPC Layered Decoding Schemes IEEE 2011 IEEE 2011 25 High Throughput DA-Based DCT With High Accuracy Error-Compensated Adder Tree IEEE 2011 IEEE 2011 27 Location Cache Design and Performance Analysis for Chip Multiprocessors IEEE 2011 IEEE 2011 28 Design and Sensitivity Analysis of a New Current-Mode Sense Amplifier for Low-Power SRAM IEEE 2011 IEEE 2011 29 A 256-Kb Dual-VCC SRAM Building Block in 65-nm CMOS Process With Actively Clamped Sleep Transistor IEEE 2010 IEEE 2011 30 Implementation of a 64-point FFT on a Multi-Processor System-on-Chip IEEE 2009 IEEE 2011 31 An Adaptive Sleep Transistor Biasing Scheme for Low Leakage SRAM IEEE 2007 IEEE 2011 32 Standby Current Reduction of Compilable SRAM Using Sleep Transistor and Source Line Self Bia IEEE 2006 IEEE 2011 33 SRAM Design on 65-nm CMOS Technology With Dynamic Sleep Transistor for Leakage Reduction IEEE 2005 IEEE 2011 34 Automated Placement for Parallelized FPGA FFTs IEEE 2011 35 High-Throughput, Lossless Data Compression on FPGAs IEEE 2011 36 Automatic HDL-based generation of homogeneous hard macros for FPGAs IEEE 2011 37 Implementation and Performance Analysis of SEAL Encryption on FPGA, GPU and Multi-Core Processors IEEE 2011 38 Design of a FPGA-Based Parallel Architecture for BLAST Algorithm with Multi-hits Detection IEEE 2011 39 FPGA Based High Performance and Scalable Block LU Decomposition Architecture IEEE 2011 40 A novel design methodology for implementing reliability-aware systems on SRAM-based FPGAs IEEE 2011 41 A High Performance and Memory Efficient LU Decomposer on FPGAs IEEE 2011 42 FPGA Implementation of Adjustable Wideband Fractional Delay FIR Filters IEEE 2011 43 Parallel FPGA-based Implementation of Recursive Sorting Algorithms IEEE 2011 44 Skein Tree Hashing on FPGA IEEE 2011 45 Reconfigurable Cache implemented on an FPGA IEEE 2011 46 Evaluation of white-box and grey-box Noekeon implementations in FPGA IEEE 2011 47 Evaluation of white-box and grey-box Noekeon implementations in FPGA IEEE 2011 48 VLSI Implementation of Balanced Binary Tree Decomposition based 2048-point FFT/IFFT Processor for Mobile WI-Max IEEE 2011 49 Hierarchical Design of an Application-Specific Instruction Set Processor for High-Throughput and Scalable FFT Processing IEEE 2011 50 Construction of Optimum Composite Field Architecture for Compact High-Throughput AES S-Boxes IEEE 2011 51 VLSI Design of an SVM Learning Core on Sequential Minimal Optimization Algorithm IEEE 2011 52 VLSI Architecture of Arithmetic Coder Used in SPIHT K IEEE 2011 53 Parallel Architecture for Hierarchical Optical Flow Estimation Based on FPGA IEEE 2011 54 Energy-Efficient Low-Latency 600 MHz FIR With High-Overdrive Charge-Recovery Logic IEEE 2011 55 Pipelined Parallel FFT Architectures via Folding Transformation IEEE 2011 56 Loop Acceleration Exploration for ASIP Architecture IEEE 2011 57 A Low-Power Low-Cost Design of Primary Synchronization Signal Detection IEEE 2011 58 Toeplitz Matrix Approach for Binary Field Multiplication Using Quadrinomials IEEE 2011 59 Memory Efficient Modular VLSI Architecture for Highthroughput and Low-Latency Implementation of Multilevel Lifting 2-D DWT IEEE 2011 60 High-Throughput Soft-Output MIMO Detector Based on Path-Preserving Trellis-Search Algorithm IEEE 2011 61 Impact on Performance and Energy of the Retention Time and Processor Frequency in L1 Macrocell-Based Data Caches IEEE 2011 62 Robust Secure Scan Design Against Scan-Based Differential Cryptanalysis IEEE 2011 63 Efficient Pattern Matching Algorithm for Memory Architecture IEEE 2011 64 Multiple curve presentation and zooming processor using Field Programmable Gate Arrays IEEE 2011 65 Design and Implementation of Area-optimized AES Based on FPGA IEEE 2011 66 Multiple curve presentation and zooming processor using Field Programmable Gate Arrays IEEE 2011 67 Joint Optimization of Run-Length Coding, Huffman Coding, and Quantization Table With Complete Baseline JPEG Decoder Compatibility_sim IEEE 2009 68 A Fully Pipelined Architecture for the LOCO-I Compression Algorithm for images_Sim IEEE 2009 69 A Low-Complexity Hybrid LDPC Code Encoder for IEEE 802.3an (10GBase-T) Ethernet IEEE 2009 70 A Low-Cost VLSI Implementation for Efficient Removal of Impulse Noise in images_Sim IEEE 2009 71 A Low-Jitter Open-Loop All-Digital Clock Generator With Two-Cycle Lock-Time IEEE 2009 72 A Multibank Memory-Based VLSI Architecture of DVB IEEE 2009 73 A Parallel Pruned Bit-Reversal Interleaver IEEE 2009 74 Adaptive Frequency-Domain Channel Estimator in 4X4 MIMO-OFDM Modems IEEE 2009 75 Adaptive IIR Filtering of Noncircular Complex Signals IEEE 2009 76 An Efficient 4-D 8PSK TCM Decoder Architecture IEEE 2009 77 Asynchronous Current Mode Serial Communication IEEE 2009 78 Asynchronous Protocol Converters for Two-Phase Delay-Insensitive Global Communication IEEE 2009 79 CMOS Driver-Receiver Pair for Low-Swing Signaling for Low Energy On-Chip Interconnects IEEE 2009 80 Design and Implementation of a Field Programmable CRC Circuit Architecture IEEE 2009 81 Design of Network-on-Chip Architectures With a Genetic Algorithm-Based Technique IEEE 2009 82 Design of Voltage Over scaled Low-Power Trellis Decoders in Presence of Process Variations IEEE 2009 83 Design Space Exploration of Hard-Decision Viterbi Decoding: Algorithm and VLSI Implementation IEEE 2009 84 Energy-Efficient Sub threshold Processor Design IEEE 2009 85 Fast Scaling in the Residue Number System IEEE 2009 86 Integrated Solar Energy Harvesting and Storage IEEE 2009 87 Multi-Gbps LDPC Code Design and Implementation IEEE 2009 88 Noisy FIR identification as a quadratic eigenvalue problem IEEE 2009 89 Novel Area-Efficient FPGA Architectures for FIR Filtering With Symmetric Signal Extension IEEE 2009 90 On the Relay Channel With Receiver–Transmitter Feedback IEEE 2009 91 Optimized Analog flat filter design IEEE 2009 92 Scalable Multi-Input–Multi-Output Queues With Application to Variation-Tolerant Architectures IEEE 2009 93 Variation-Aware Low-Power Synthesis Methodology for Fixed-Point FIR Filters IEEE 2009 94 Spectrally Shaped Generalized MC-DS-CDMA with Dual Band Combining for Increased Diversity IEEE 2008 95 Single Chip Encryptor Decryptor Core Implementation of AES Algorithm IEEE 2008 96 Serial Search Code Acquisition Using Smart Antennas with Single Correlator or Matched Filter IEEE 2008 97 Practical Asynchronous Interconnect Network Design IEEE 2008 98 Fast Elliptic Curve Cryptography on FPGA IEEE 2008 99 A Novel Approach to Design BCD Adder and Carry Skip BCD Adder IEEE 2008 100 A Novel Carry-look ahead approach to an Unified BCD and Binary Adder_Subtractor IEEE 2008 101 Injecting Intermittent Faults for the Dependability Validation of Commercial Microcontrollers IEEE 2008 102 Unspecified Transition Faults: A Transition Fault Model for At-Speed Fault Simulation and Test Generation IEEE 2008






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