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Platform : EMBEDDED

IEEE Projects Years : 2012-13



AsceNT IT 01

Student College Alert System To Parents By Their Entry At The College Premises By Using i-button & Gsm Sms

AsceNT IT 02

Paperless E-Cash Management System By Using An I-Button Technology

AsceNT IT 03

Authentication And Access Control System For Security Personnel Using I-Button

AsceNT IT 04

Authorized home appliances control with one wire protocol based i-button

AsceNT IT 05

Zigbee based attendance alert system with person details by using i-button technology



AsceNT IT 06

Touch panel based Modern restaurants atomization using zigbee technology

AsceNT IT 07

Touch panel based industrial device management system for handicapped persons

AsceNT IT 08

Touch panel Based Wireless Data Communication Using Zigbee Technology(IEEE 2011)

AsceNT IT 09

Touch panel based Nurse/attendant calling system for physically impaired

AsceNT IT 10

Touch panel Controlled Motor Speed And Direction Control System

AsceNT IT 11

Touch panel based advanced home automation system for next generation apartments using ZigBee

AsceNT IT 12

Touch panel based wheel chair for handicapped persons



AsceNT IT 13

Intelligent fleet management System with concurrent  GPS & GSM Real time positioning technology

AsceNT IT 14

GSM Based advanced Prepaid Energy Meter for electrical applications

AsceNT IT 15

An automated stock price delivery system based on the gsm short message service

AsceNT IT 16

Security Integrated system based on wireless access protocol for industrial applications with SMS alert system using GSM

AsceNT IT 17

Un Comparable And Intelligent Traffic Control System Using Ir And Gsm

AsceNT IT 18

Remote Notice Board Implementation Using Gsm Communication

AsceNT IT 19

Remote home security system based on WSN and GSM technology(IEEE 2010)

AsceNT IT 20

Design & Development Of A Gsm Based Vehicle Theft Control System(IEEE 2011)

AsceNT IT 21

boarder security and safety alert system using GSM

AsceNT IT 22

supervisory management for financers using GSM and GPS

AsceNT IT 23

An Innovative college bus information system to students using GSM

AsceNT IT 24

Accident detection for  release airbag using GSM, GPS&MEMS using microcontroller

AsceNT IT 25

Automatic power meter reading system using GSM network(IEEE 2011)

AsceNT IT 26

GSM-based wireless home appliances monitoring & control system (IEEE 2009)


Design & Development of a GSM Based Vehicle Theft Control System

AsceNT IT 28

Street light control using GSM

AsceNT IT 29

GPS-GSM Integration for Enhancing Public Transportation Management Services

AsceNT IT 30

A Remote Home Security System Based on Wireless Sensor Network and GSM Technology

AsceNT IT 31

Home Automation with GSM using  ATmega16

AsceNT IT 32

SMS based device control using ATmega16

AsceNT IT 33

GPS and GSM Based error free Accident Identification and Information System

AsceNT IT 34

Student no dues statement maintenance system with SMS request.



AsceNT IT 35

Zigbee Based Vehicle Access Control System for Various Industrial Purpose

AsceNT IT 36

Under water Wireless Control and Transmission System based on Zigbee wireless technology

AsceNT IT 37

Remote Controllable And Energy-Saving Room Architecture Based On Zigbee Communication

AsceNT IT 38

Application Study Of Mine Alarm System Based On Zigbee wireless Technology

AsceNT IT 39

Zigbee based intelligent helmet for coal miners safety purpose (IEEE 2011)

AsceNT IT 40

Remote Weather monitoring Station Design Using Zigbee

AsceNT IT 41

Innovative traffic Congestion Control System for Ambulance Using ZIGBEE technology

AsceNT IT 42

Safety of  valuable items by using Zigbee and mems sensor

AsceNT IT 43

The application of wireless sensor network design based on Zigbee in petrochemical industry field

AsceNT IT 44

Two-Way Wireless Data Messaging System For Rural Areas Using Zigbee Technology

AsceNT IT 45

Smart wireless temperature data logger using Zigbee  802.15.4

AsceNT IT 46

Wireless Electronic Notice Board With Multi Nodes Using Zigbee Communication System

AsceNT IT 47

Deploying ZigBee sensor network for vibration measurement

AsceNT IT 48

home automation using Zigbee(IEEE 2011)

AsceNT IT 49

Messenger Development without Internet Using ZIGBEE

AsceNT IT 50

Creating a single communication link between 2 wireless communications (IR+ZIGBEE)

AsceNT IT 51

Innovative Congestion Control System for Ambulance using Zigbee

AsceNT IT 52

More Efficient Home Energy Management System Based on ZigBee Communication and Infrared Remote Controls.

AsceNT IT 53

ZIGBEE Sensor Network for Advanced Metering Infrastructure

AsceNT IT 54

ZIGBEE based ACCESES control system using ATmega16

AsceNT IT 55

An Enhanced ZigBee Indoor Positioning System With an Ensemble Approach

AsceNT IT 56

Anti theft system for electronic equipments using inertial MEMS sensor and ZIGBEE

AsceNT IT 57

Automatic detection of train arrival through an accelerometer using RF



AsceNT IT 58

CAN protocol Implementation for Industrial Process monitor and control



AsceNT IT 59

Examination room guide using RFID for the jumbling system based EXAMS

AsceNT IT 60

Human Recognition Using RFID Technology and Stereo Vision

AsceNT IT 61


AsceNT IT 62

Security access for Home using RFID(IEEE 2011)

AsceNT IT 63

Design of Auto-guard System Based on RFID and GSM(IEEE 2011)

AsceNT IT 64

An embedded system and RFID solution for transport related issues

AsceNT IT 65

RFID based security system using AVR microcontroller

AsceNT IT 66

Advanced smart card based digital energy meter using AVR microcontroller

AsceNT IT 67

Advanced smart card based power access control system using microcontroller

AsceNT IT 68

Contact type smart card reader based campus management system.

AsceNT IT 69

Employee ID and attendance maintenance using smart card

AsceNT IT 70

Robust and efficient password-authenticated key agreement using smart cards for campus management

AsceNT IT 71

Smart card based bank security system

AsceNT IT 72

RFID based automatic Bus Ticketing system

AsceNT IT 73

Smartcard based door accessing system for MNC’S

AsceNT IT 74

Smartcard operated lock and anti theft system(IEEE 2011)

AsceNT IT 75

A modular cost-effective mobile robot navigation system using RF-ID technology(IEEE 2011)

AsceNT IT 76

Passive RFID based low cost implementation of multi purpose cards using Centralized citizen database

AsceNT IT 77

Robust and efficient password-authenticated key agreement using smart cards For campus management

AsceNT IT 78

RFID based student no dues status checking and paying system & displaying




DTMF based industrial Automation


DTMF based home automation(IEEE 2010)



AsceNT IT 81

ICU Patient Monitoring System with Automatic SMS system using GSM/ZIGBEE wireless Technology.(IEEE 2011)

AsceNT IT 82

Electronic Medical Record for Effective Patient Monitoring Database.

AsceNT IT 83

Design of a Wireless Medical Monitoring System



AsceNT IT 84

Finger print based ATM  LOCKER system for modern banks(IEEE 2010)

AsceNT IT 85

Finger print based money management system for ATM backend operations

AsceNT IT 86

Microcontroller based Finger print access developed voting machine

AsceNT IT 87

A Biometric-Secure e-Voting System for Election Processes

AsceNT IT 88

Fingerprint Based Identity Authentication for Online Examination System (IEEE 2011)



AsceNT IT 89

Multi-Robots Communication System Based On multi node wireless Zigbee Network

AsceNT IT 90

Metal Detection Robot Control Using Zigbee wireless Technology

AsceNT IT 91

vision based obstacle avoidance and target tracking for autonomous mobile robot

AsceNT IT 92

A robot motion authoring using finger-robot interaction

AsceNT IT 93

Spy Robot Using Zigbee

AsceNT IT 94

PC controlled SPY Robot Using Wireless webcam

AsceNT IT 95

Advanced accidental vehicles lifting robot to avoid the traffic jam in metropolitan cities

AsceNT IT 96

Automatic Voice Announcement Based Robot Fire Analysis System

AsceNT IT 97

ATmega16 based Mobile controlled robot   OR  Cell phone Operated Landrover Robot

AsceNT IT 98

Mobile controlled robot with camera using AVR ATmega16   OR  Remote Surveillance vehicle (robot with camera)

AsceNT IT 99

REMOTEE surveillance  ROBOOT using ATMEGA 16

AsceNT IT 100

Design and Development of Bomb Detecting Robot using ATmega16

AsceNT IT 101

Voice Controlled & Activated Wheel Chair Robot for Physically Challenged using ATmega16

AsceNT IT 102

Mobile controlled robot with real time feedback sensors

AsceNT IT 103

Multi degree Pick and Place robot with object identification technology

AsceNT IT 104

Application of Radio Frequency Controlled Intelligent Military Robot in Defense

AsceNT IT 105

SMS controlled pick and place robot



AsceNT IT 106

Intelligent train tracking system

AsceNT IT 107

Design of Monitoring System for Coal Mine Safety Based on Wireless Sensor Network

AsceNT IT 108

Secured Wireless Communication For Industrial Automation and Control

AsceNT IT 109

Atmega16  based Automatic Traffic Signal Controlling System

AsceNT IT 110

Design and Application of Mobile Embedded Systems for Home Care Applications

AsceNT IT 111

Greenhouse monitoring and controlling system using AVR microcontroller(IEEE 2011)

AsceNT IT 112

Mobile controlled electrical devices using AVR microcontroller

AsceNT IT 113

Automatic room light controller with visitor counter using ATmega16

AsceNT IT 114

AVR microcontroller based Car parking monitoring system(IEEE 2011)

AsceNT IT 115

AVR based Home security system using LPG sensor, IR sensor, Keypad  OR  Security system (IR, LPG sensor, Keypad)

AsceNT IT 116

AVR based Digital weather station Temp Humid Light  OR  Digital weather station with Data storage

AsceNT IT 117

Bidirectional Person counter using ATmega16

AsceNT IT 118

Data Logger using AVR microcontroller including Temperature sensor, LDR & Humidity sensor)(IEEE 2011)

AsceNT IT 119

Electronic Voting Machine using AVR microcontroller

AsceNT IT 120

Password Based Door Locking System using AVR microcontroller

AsceNT IT 121

AVR based Person counter and Password detector

AsceNT IT 122

Solar tracking system using ATmega16

AsceNT IT 123

Multichannel Petrochemical Fire Monitoring Control System using ATmega16

AsceNT IT 124

real time clock  using ATmega16

AsceNT IT 125

traffic light controller using ATmega16

AsceNT IT 126

Industrial vibration indicator MEMS accelerometer based vibration detector

AsceNT IT 127

Coin based mobile phone charger for Multiple phones

AsceNT IT 128

PIR sensor based human accident prevention with vehicles (auto-breaking on scanning human)

AsceNT IT 129

NFC based smart SERVEILLANCE system with corruption avoidance

AsceNT IT 130

Vision-Based Automated Parking System

AsceNT IT 131

Design and Implementation of PYRO-electric Infrared Sensor based Security System



AsceNT IT 132

Accident detection for release airbag using GSM, GPS & MEMS using ARM7.

AsceNT IT 133

Remote control of smart household based on DTMF.

AsceNT IT 134

Adaptive beat to beat heart rate estimation in Ballistocardiogram.

AsceNT IT 135

A bi-directional guard system design of car based on GPS & GSM.

AsceNT IT 136

Development of gas leak detection and location system based on wireless technology. (IEEE 2011)

AsceNT IT 137

Monitoring and alarming system based on ZigBee Technology.

AsceNT IT B138

The remote control of mobile robot based on embedded technology.

AsceNT IT 139

Real-time atomization of agricultural environment for social modernization of Indian agricultural system.

AsceNT IT 140

GSM-GPS integration for enhancing public transportation.

AsceNT IT 141

Research on the method of automatic obstacle avoidance robot .

AsceNT IT 142

A Reliable Transmission Protocol for ZigBee-Based Wireless Patient Monitoring.(IEEE2012)

AsceNT IT 143

A Low Power Wireless Sensor Network for Gully Pot Monitoring in Urban Catchments. (IEEE2012)

AsceNT IT 144

Monitoring roll chocks temperature. (IEEE2012)

AsceNT IT 145

Wireless Sensor Network Based Home Monitoring System for Wellness Determination of Elderly(IEEE2012)

AsceNT IT 146

Design of Automatic Meter Reading based on Zigbee.(IEEE 2011)

AsceNT IT 147

Parking Spaces Detection In Indoor Environments Based On Zigbee. (IEEE2012)

AsceNT IT 148

An Enhanced ZigBee Indoor Positioning System with an Ensemble Approach. (IEEE2012)

AsceNT IT 149

In-Building Lighting Management System with Wireless Communications. (IEEE2012)

AsceNT IT 150

A Human Detection Method f or Residential Smart Energy Systems Based on Zigbee RSSI Changes. (IEEE2012)

AsceNT IT 151

Home Healthcare Self-Monitoring System for Chronic Diseases. (IEEE2012)

TEMB15 AsceNT IT 2

An Enhanced Key Management Using ZigBee Pro for Wireless Sensor Networks. (IEEE2012)


Core Electrical Based Kits

AsceNT IT 153

Aero Dynamic Wind Mill with Reverse Charge Protection For Rural Power Generation Applications With Battery Voltage Analyzer Using At89s52 MCU

AsceNT IT 154

Automatic Room Light control with Visitor Counting for power saving applications in seminar halls

AsceNT IT 155

Design and Implementation of Maximum Power Tracking System by Automatic control of Solar Panel Direction according to the Sun Direction

AsceNT 156

DTMF based Industrial automation and appliances control system for rural and agriculture  applications

AsceNT 157

EEPROM Based Smart Prepaid Energy Meter with Auto cut off on No Balance

AsceNT 158

Embedded automatic two gate interlock for toll tax system

AsceNT 159

Embedded Password based Access Control System using I2C protocol

AsceNT 160

Finger print based stepper motor control and access control system

AsceNT 161

High sensitive IR based Unmanned Railway Gate Control using AT89C51 Microcontroller

AsceNT 162

Implementation 0f Solar Water Pump Controlled With Four Different Time For PWER Saving Applications

AsceNT 163

Programmable temperature monitor and controller for industrial boilers & ovens

AsceNT 164

Real Time Clock Based Solar LED Street Light Automation Using

AsceNT 165

Real-Time Atomization Of Agricultural Environment for Social Modernization of Indian Agricultural System

AsceNT 166

Security Integrated system based on wireless access protocol for industrial applications with SMS alert system using GSM modem.

AsceNT 167

SMS based PWM speed and direction control of DC motor using H-bridge and GSM modem

AsceNT 168

Solar based E-Uniform for soldiers who work at extreme high temperature or extreme low temperature

AsceNT 169

Solar Highway Lighting System with Auto Turn Off On Day Time with LCD Display

AsceNT 170

Wireless Electrical Apparatus Control System using IR communication

AsceNT 171

Wireless stepper motor control using RF communication






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