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IEEE Projects Years : 2012-13

  1. A Design of Wireless Intelligent Control System for Service Robots (IEEE).
  2. Real Time Paddy Crop Field Monitoring Using ZIGBEE Network (IEEE).
  3. A Remote Home Security System Based on Wireless Sensor Network and GSM Technology (IEEE).
  4. Development on Gas Leak Detection and Location System Based on Wireless SENSOR NETWORKS (IEEE).
  5. The Research on ZigBee-Based Mine Safety MONITORING SYSTEM (IEEE).
  6. RFID and ZigBee Based Manufacturing MONITORING SYSTEM (IEEE).
  7. Monitoring Patients’ Signs Wirelessly (IEEE).
  8. Design of a Wireless Medical Monitoring System(ZIG-BEE) (IEEE).
  9. Multi-Robots’ Communication System Based On ZigBee Network (IEEE).
  10. The Flexible Bus Systems Using Zigbee as a COMMUNICATION MEDIUM(IEEE)
  11. A Zigbee Based Smart Sensing Platform for Monitoring Environmental Parameters(IEEE)
  12. Study of Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) using for SLOPE STABILITY (IEEE).
  13. The Design and Implementation of a teacher-student INTERACTION BETWEEN ZIGBEE AND RFID(IEEE).
  14. secured wireless communication for industrial Automation and control(IEEE)
  15. Design and implementation of an embedded home surveillance system with ultra-Low alert power (IEEE).
  16. Design of vehicle positioning system based on ARM (IEEE).
  17. A Remote Sleep-monitoring Medical Alarm System(IEEE).
  18.  The system of wireless smart house based on GSM and ZIGBEE (IEEE).
  19. Role of Wireless Sensor Networks in Forest Fire Prevention (IEEE).
  20. WSN based Temperature monitoring using ZIGBEE transiver module (IEEE).
  21.  Mobile monitoring system for smart home (IEEE).
  22. Automatic toll collection with complex security system (IEEE).

23                 Design and implementation on the intelligent management systems of Garage in the community based on ZIGBEE (IEEE).

24                Design & Development of a GSM and GPS Based Vehicle Theft Control System (IEEE).

25                GPS-GSM Integration for Enhancing Public Transportation Management Services (IEEE).

26                Intelligent wireless MOBILE patient monitoring system (IEEE).

27                Distributed remote temperature monitoring and acquisition system based on CAN bus(IEEE).

28                A Wireless Data Acquisition and Transmission System Design (PS/2)(IEEE).

29                Hybrid Automatic Meter Reading System (IEEE).

30                Next generation AD-HOC wireless chatting system using touch screen.

31                Traffic density analyzer cum signal system for metro cities using GSM technology.

32                Collide information capturing for vehicle using GSM, GPS, MEMS technology.

33                An intelligent road traffic control system for ambulance using RF and GSM     technology.

34                Mobile monitoring for smart home using GSM technology.

35                ZIGBEE based smart meter reading system.

36                Evaluation of ZIGBEE based body sensor network system (temp,H Beat,motions).

37                Multi-sensor robot using ZIGBEE (smoke, fire, metal).

38                Orchid soil moisture monitoring system based on GSM technology.

39                 ATM security system using GSM& MEMS technology.

40                Advanced embedded Security & automation System for houses/industries.

41                Zig-bee based advanced steward calling system in airlines/flights.

42                Single Wire CAN to Automotive networks.

43                Wireless Electronic Notice Board with Multi Point Receivers using Zig-bee Communication System in colleges or companies.

44                Real time agriculture environment for social moderation of Indian agriculture system        using ZIG-BEE technology.

45                Industrial Automation using CAN Protocol.

46                GSM based wireless home appliances monitoring &control system (IEEE2004).

47                Remote Notice board Implementation using GSM Communication.

48                Biomedical system for health care using GSM technology.

49                Measurement of Agriculture applications using ZIG BEE(Temperature & Humidity soil).

50                Weather Station design using ZigBee (or) Bluetooth.

51                Biometric identification for ballot mark recognisation.

52                GSM based remote Monitoring and Control digital energy-meter( useful for electricity remote meter reading. Also useful for disconnect the power supply to Consumer in case of non-payment of electricity bill. This is also used to exchange messages like power-cut timings with consumer.).

53                A Remote Measurement and Control System for Greenhouse Based on GSM-SMS.

54                RFID Bank ATM System (Draft Generating) and ATM device controlling.

55                GSM & GPS technology based Accident detection System and release airbags.

56                GSM based advanced security system for BANKS(includes: smoke sensor).

57                Zig-Bee based Patient Monitoring (Heart Beat, Temperature and alert mess).

58                Security Integrated system based on wireless access protocol for industrial applications with SMS alert system using GSM modem.

59                RFID Based License Management System.

60                Authenticated remote operated device management using GSM technology.

61                Barcode Access Control Security System.

62                Design of wireless motion based smart mouse.

63                Barcode Reader Based Attendance System.

64                Artificial vision systems for the Blind using Ultra Sonic Wave transmission reception.

65                Low-cost irrigation system using zig-bee technology.

66                RF(434 MHz)SPY Robot Using Wireless webcam.

67                An embedded robotic wheelchair control architecture with reactive navigations.

68                Movement based voice enabled wireless device switching and basic needs for physically challenged.

69                Sensor network implementation using CAN.

70                Zig-bee based navigator system.

71                Mobile based home automation with voice feedback system.

72                Remote parent care system using RFID& GSM technology.

73                SMS based Electing system.

74                Zig-bee based multi nodal fault monitoring system.

75                Zig-bee based intelligent monitoring & controlling system.

76                Zig-bee based industrial automation.

77                GSM  based weather monitoring system.

  1. RFID based Access Control system.
  2. RFID based Attendance System with time and date.
  3. RFID based BUS Ticketing System.
  4. High temperature alert to doctor using GSM technology modem.
  5.  Microcontroller based involuntary railway gate control system.
    1. Finger print based highly authentication system
    2. Speed and direction control of dc motor using GSM technology.
    3. Implementation of energy management structure for street light control system. Using GSM  technology..
    4. Recognition of RC5 protocols for multiple device control.
    5. Four station controller area network using CAN.
    6. Security for industrial with alert system using pressure and temperature sensor.
    7. Distance measurement using ultrasonic sensor with voice feed.
    8. Sensors based industrial fault monitoring system (temp, humidity and volt).
    9. Biometric recognition system based digital access system.
    10. Robot control using hand signal.
    11. Control robot naturally.
    12. Multichannel Missing Event Detector with Voice Indication.
    13. Land Mine Detectors with Automatic indication using GPS and GSM.
    14. Combat Robot (wireless web & RF controlling).
    15. Finger print based money management system.
    16. Power factor correction control.
    17. Green house monitoring & controlling using Zig-bee technology.
    18. Smart wireless mouse using RF signal with frequency of 434 MHz.
    19. GSM based door locking system using ARM7.
    20. Wireless Sensor Networks for Cost-Efficient Residential Energy Management in the Smart Grid
    21. Gsm based scada.
    22. Gsm based data Acquisition system.
    23. MOBILE based SPY Robot(Wireless webcam, laser gun, rotate all direction)
    24. Mobile based home automation with voice response system.
    25. Finger print based BANK &LOCKER system for modern banks.
    26. Automated vehicles for physically and visually challenged (only wheel chair).
      1. Sending an SMS for electrical load control that re-sends an acknowledgement of the status.
      2. Robust and efficient password –authenticated key agreement using RFID cards                  for campus
      3. Automated system for fault analysis in industry using GSM technology.
      4. Zigbee wireless vehicular identification authentication system.
      5. Petro chemical level indicator and controlling for automation of industries using GSM.
        1. Wireless Activity monitoring system using dynamic time warping for the elderly and disabled persons (only stand/sleep).
        2. Construction of smart mobile phone with driving mode selection to avoid accidents.
        3. WSN based intelligent train security system and auto controlling.
        4. Touch screen based advanced menu display and ordering system for restaurants.
        5. Security alarm model for military base camps using ZIGBEE/GSM technology.
        6. Guard Alert, monitoring and reporting system with GSM technology.
        8. Missile tracking and auto collision system.
        9. Finger print based physical access control vehicle immobilizer.







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