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Platform : MATLAB

IEEE Projects Years : 2012 - 13


1 A New Adaptive Fuzzy Vector Control For Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor Drive

2 A Facts Device: Distributed Power-Flow Controller (Dpfc) .

3 A New Modelling And Control Analysis Of An Advanced Static Var Compensator Using A Three–Level (Npc) Inverter Topology

4 A Novel Hybrid Solution For Load Commutated Inverter-Fed Induction Motor Drives

5 A Voltage Controlled Adjustable Speed Pm bldcm Drive Using A Single-Stage Pfc Half-Bridge converter

6 An Efficient Ac–Dc Step-Up Converter For Low-Voltage Energy Harvesting.

7 Applications Of Equal Area Criterion Conditions In The Time Domain For Out-Of-Step Protection

8 Approaches For Suppressing Of Lightning Overvoltage In The Gas-Insulated Substation (Gis)

9 Comparisons Of Modulation Techniques For Matrix Converter

10 Multiband Hysteresis Modulations And Switching Characterization For Sliding-Mode Controlled Cascaded Multilevel Inverter (Ieee)

11 Ripple Current Reduction Of A Fuel Cell For A Single-Phase Isolated Converter Using A Dc Active filter With A Center Tap

12 Modeling And Simulation Of An Asynchronous Generator With Ac/Dc/Ac Converter Fed Rlc Series Circuit In An Isolated Power

Generation System

13 Multi-Terminal Upfc For Power System Deregulation

14 Improvement Of Power System Transient Stability Using Fault Current Limiter And Thyristor Controlled Braking Resistor

15 Performance Investigation Of Neural-Network-Based Unified Power-Quality Conditioner.

16 A Novel Three-Phase To Five-Phase Transformation Using A Special Transformer Connection.

17 Reliability Evaluation Of Bulk Power Systems Incorporating Upfc (Ieee) Matlab

18 A 28-Pulse Ac-Dc Converter Based Smps For Telecom Power Supply (Be Press)

19 Ann-Based Svc Switching At Distribution Level For Minimal-Injected Harmonics.

20 Dynamic Hysteresis Current Control To Minimize Switching For Three-Phase Four-Leg Vsi Topology To Compensate Nonlinear Load.

21 Design And Implementation Of A Current-Source Converter For Use In Industry Applications Of D-Statcom.

22 A High-Power-Factor Single-Stage Single-Switch Electronic Ballast For Compact Fluorescent Lamp.

23 A Three-Phase Interleaved Dc–Dc Converter With Active Clamp For Fuel Cells.

24 Flexible Power Electronic Transformer .

25 Single-Phase Ac–Ac Converter Based On Quasi-Z-Source Topology.

26 An Inrush Mitigation Technique Of Load Transformers For The Series Voltage Sag Compensator

27 An Analytic Model For Fault Diagnosis In Power Systems Considering Malfunctions Of Protective Relays And Circuit Breakers

28 Fault-Location System For Multi Terminal Transmission Lines.

29 A Fuzzy Rule-Based Approach For Islanding Detection In Distributed Generation .

30 High-Efficiency Voltage Regulator For Rural Networks.

31 Optimized Modulation For Ac–Dc Harmonic Immunity In Vsc Hvdc Transmission .

32 Optimal Capacitor Placement And Sizing In Unbalanced Distribution Systems With Harmonics Consideration Using Particle Swarm


33 Design Of A Mode Decoupling Statcom For Voltage Control Of Wind-Driven Induction Generator Systems.

34 A Power-Quality Index To Assess The Impact Of Voltage Harmonic Distortions And Unbalance To Three-Phase Induction Motors

35 Power-Management Strategies For A Grid-Connected Pv-Fc Hybrid System.

36 Optimal Location And Control Of Shunt Facts For Transmission Of Renewable Energy In Large Power Systems

37 Wind Farm To Weak-Grid Connection Using Upqc Custom Power Device.

38 Enhancement Of Power Quality In Distribution System Using D-Statcom .

39 Research On Three-Level Static Synchronous Compensator .

40 Control Scheme Of Cascaded H-Bridge Statcom Using Zero-Sequence Voltage And Negative-Sequence Current

41 Instantaneous Power Control Of D-Statcom With Consideration Of Power Factor Correction.

42 A New 84-Pulse Vsc Configuration Using Multi-Level Dc Voltage Reinjection For Especial Applications.

43 Non Linear Control Of Statcom Matlab

44 A High Performance Induction Motor Drive System Using Fuzzy Logic Controller.

45 Design Of A Hybrid Pid Plus Fuzzy Controller For Speed Control Of Induction Motors.

46 A Hybrid System Based Approach To Direct Torque Control (Dtc) Of Induction Motors

47 Vector Controlled Pmsm Drive Based On Fuzzy Speed Controller.

48 Single-Phase Hybrid Active Power Filter Using Single Switch Parallel Active Filter And Simple Passive Filter

49 Implementation And Control Of An Hybrid Multilevel Converter With Floating Dc-Links For Current Waveform Improvement

50 Harmonic Elimination In Single Phase Systems By Means Of A Hybrid Series Active Filter(Hsaf)

51 Apf For Harmonic Voltage Resonance Suppression In Distribution System.

52 Dynamic Dc-Bus Voltage Control Strategies For A Three-Phase High Power Shunt Active Power Filter

53 Control Circuit For Active Power Filter With An Instantaneous Reactive Power Control Algorithm Modification

54 A Hybrid System Based Approach To Direct Torque Control (Dtc) Of Induction Motors.

55 Torque Ripple Reduction In Direct Torque Control Of Induction Machines By Use Of All Voltage Vectors Of Matrix Converters

56 Novel Direct Torque Control Based On Space Vector Modulation With Adaptive Stator Flux Observer For Induction Motors

57 Improved Fault-Location System For Railway Distribution System Using Superimposed Signal.

58 Input-Output Linearization And Robust Sliding-Mode Controller For The Vsc-Hvdc Transmission Link

59 A Novel Structure For Three-Phase Four-Wire Distribution System Utilizing Unified Power Quality Conditioner (Upqc).

60 Simplified Space -Vector Pwm For Three Level Inverters Applied To Passive And Motor Load.

61 An Approach Of Dsm Techniques For Domestic Load Management Using Fuzzy Logic.

62 An Improved Upfc Control For Oscillation Damping.

63 Analysis And Control Of Buck-Boost Chopper Type Ac Voltage Regulator .

64 Calculation Of Very Fast Transient Overvoltages In Gis.

65 A Single-Phase Voltage-Controlled Grid-Connected Photovoltaic System With Power Quality Conditioner Functionality (Ieee)

66 Transient Stability Control Of Tcsc (Ieee)

67 A Control Methodology And Characterization Of Dynamics For A Photovoltaic (Pv) System Interfaced With A Distribution Network

68 Characteristics Of The Magnetic Energy Recovery Switch (Mers) As A Series Facts Controller.

69 Reduced Rating Vsc With A Zig-Zig Transformer For Current Compensation In Three Phase Four Wire Distribution System (Ieee).

70 Upqc Signal Detection Algorithm Based On Pso-Fuzzy (Ieee) Matlab

71 Power Quality Improvement In Conventional Electronic Load Controller For Isolated Powergeneration (Ieee)

72 Model Predictive Control Of Unified Power Quality Conditioner With Control Saturation (Ieee).

73 A Fast-Acting Dc-Link Voltage Controller For 3 Phase Dstatcom To Compensate Ac And Dc Loads(Ieee).

74 Impact Of Tcsc On Enhancing Power System Stability.

75 Development Of Hybrid Active Power Filter Based On The Adaptive Fuzzy Dividing Frequency-Control Method (Ieee)

76 A Modular Fuel Cell Modular Dc-Dc Converter Concept For High Performance And Enhanced Reliability (Ieee).

77 New Multivariable Dynamic Model & Robust Control Of A Voltage Source Converter For Power System Application (Ieee)

78 New Resonant Pole Inverter For Battery Fed Brushless Dc Motor Drive.

79 Pmsm Speed Sensor Less Direct Torque Control Based On Ekf (Ieee).

80 Investigation Of Sub Synchronous Resonance With Vsc-Based Hvdc Transmission Systems (Ieee)

81 Operation And Control Of Single Phase Micro-Sources In A Utility Connected Grid (Ieee)

82 The Use Of Facts Devices In Distributed Power Systems-Modeling ,Interface Case Study(Ijce) .

83 Dynamic Modeling And Simulation Of Hybrid Power Systems Based On Renewable Energy(Ieee)

84 Double Frequency Buck Converter (Ieee).

85 Optimization Of Pi Coefficients In Dstatcom Non Linear Controller For Regulating Dc Voltage Using Generic Algorithm (Ieee)

86 Optimal Placement Of Shunt Connected Facts Devices In A Series Compensated Long Transmission Line (Wce)

87 Voltage Flicker Compensation Using Statcom (Ieee)

88 A Variable Speed, Sensor Less, Induction Motor Using Dc Link Measurement (Ieee)

89 Soft Computing Techniques For The Control Of An Active Power Filter (Ieee)

90 Wide Speed Range Estimation With Parameter Identification Schemes Of Sensor Less Induction Motors (Ieee).

91 Design And Analysis Of Dynamic Voltage Restorer For Deep Voltage Sag And Harmonic Compensation (Ieee).

92 Modeling Of Facts Devices Based On Spwm Vscs (Ieee) .

93 A New Proposal For Power Quality And Custom Power Improvement: Open Upqc (Ieee) .

94 Space Vector Method For Voltage Dips And Swells Analysis (Ieee).

95 Analytical Modeling Of A Square Wave Controlled Cascaded Multilevel Statcom (Ieee) .

96 Three-Phase Transformer Model Including Magnetic Hysteresis And Eddy Currents Effects(Ieee).

97 Output Feedback Control Of Single-Phase Upqc Based On A Novel Model (Ieee)

98 Harmonic Analysis And Improvement Of A New Solid-State Fault Current Limiter (Ieee) .

99 A Versatile Control Scheme For A Dynamic Voltage Restorer For Power-Quality Improvement (Ieee)

100 Study On A Novel Hybrid Active Power Filter Applied To A High-Voltage Grid (Ieee)

101 Seven-Level Shunt Active Power Filter For High-Power Drive Systems (Ieee)

102 Dynamic Voltage Restorer Based On Flying Capacitor Multilevel Converters Operated By Repetitive Control (Ieee)

103 Sensor Less Current Control Of Three-Phase Inverter-Based Distributed Generation (Ieee) .

104 Improvement Of Voltage Stability & Reduction Of Losses By Optimal Allocation Of Multi Type Facts Using Ga (Ieee)

105 A 24-Pulse Ac-Dc Converter Employing A Pulse Doubling Technique For A Vector-Controlled Induction Motor Drives(Iete)

106 Optimization Of Network Configuration In Large Distribution Systems Using Plant Growth Simulation Algorithm (Ieee)

107 Switching Losses And Harmonic Investigations In Multilevel Inverters (Iete) Matlab

108 Control Of Grid-Interfacing Inverters With Integrated Voltage Unbalance Correction (Ieee)

109 Control Strategies For Distribution Static Compensator For Power Quality Improvement(Iete).

110 Hybrid Cascaded Multilevel Inverter With Pwm Control Method (Ieee).

111 An Integrated Hybrid Power Supply For Distributed Generation Applications Fed By Nonconventional Energy Sources (Ieee).

112 Modeling And Implementation Of An Improved Dsvm Scheme For Pmsm Dtc(Ieee).

113 Fuzzy Logic Based Control Of Variable Speed Induction Machine Wind Generation System(Ieee).

114 Dtc-Svm Scheme For Induction Motors Fed With A Three Level Inverter (Pwaset).

115 Five-Level Diode Clamped Inverter To Eliminate Common Mode Voltage And Reduce Dv/Dt In Medium Voltage Rating Induction

Motor Drives (Ieee)

116 Model Predictive Control Of Parallel-Connected Inverters For Uninterruptible Power Supplies (Ieee).

117 Study Of Hvdc For Its Enhancement On Ac/Dc Interconnected Transmission Systems(Ieee).

118 Development Of Grid Connected Wind/Pv/Bess Hybrid Distribution Generation System(Cired).

119 Enhancement Of Voltage Quality In Isolated Power Systems (Ieee).

110 Interline Unified Power Quality Conditioner (Ieee) .

111 Harmonics Modeling And Harmonics Activity Analysis Of Equipment With Switch Mode Power Supply Using Matlab And Simulink

112 Fuzzy Control Of Fuel Cell Distributed Generation System(Ijee).

113 Modeling, Analysis And Control Of Cascaded-Multilevel Converter-Based Statcom (Ieee) .

114 Direct Torque Control Of A Three Phase Induction Motor Using A Hybrid Pi /Fuzzy Controller (Ieee)

115 Zbus Transmission Network Cost Allocation (Ieee).

116 Neural Network Controlled Voltage Disturbance Detector And Output Voltage Regulator For Dynamic Voltage Restorer (Ieee)

117 Speed Control Of Sr Motor By Self-Tuning Fuzzy Pi Controller With Artificial Neural Network.

118 Fuzzy Logic Based Light Load Efficiency Improvement Of Matrix Converter Based Wind Generation System (Jatit)

119 Application Of Voltage And Current Controlled Voltage Source Inverters For Distributed Generation Systems (Ieee).

120 Simulation Of A Space Vector Pwm Controller For A Three Level Voltage Fed Inverter Motor Drive(Ieee).

121 Control Of Cascaded H-Bridge Converter Based Dstatcom For High Power Application (Ieee).

122 Dynamic Modeling And Simulation Of Wind Fuel Cell Ultra Capacitor Hybrid Power Generation System (Science Direct).

123 Discrete Space Vector Modulations Applied On A Pmsm Motor (Ieee).

124 Modeling And Simulation For Voltage Sags/Swell Mitigation Using Dynamic Voltage Restorer.

125 Improving The Maximum Loading By Optimal Conductor Selection Of Radial Distribution Systems (Tfg).

126 A Comparative Study Of Control Algorithms For Dstatcom For Load Compensation (Ieee) .

127 Improving Mains Current Quality For Three Phase Three Switch Buck Type Pwm Rectifiers(Ieee).

128 Modeling And Control Of Fuel Cell Based Distributed Generation System(Jiaee) .

129 Pscad/Emtdc Simulation Of Unified Series-Shunt Compensator For Power Quality Improvement (Ieee)

130 Short Term Electric Load Forecasting Based On Radial Basis Function Network(Ie) Matlab

131 Eighteen-Pulse Ac-Dc Converter For Harmonic Mitigation In Vcimd (Ieee) Matlab

132 Simulink Model For Economic Analysis And Environmental Impacts Of A Pv With Diesel-Battery System For Remote Villages (Ieee)

133 Impacts Of Ac Generators And Dstatcom Devices Onthe Dynamic Performance Of Distribution Systems (Ieee).

134 An Optimal Load Shedding Approach For Distribution Networks With Dgs (Ieee) .

135 An Optimum Upqc With Minimum Va Requirement And Mitigation Of Unbalanced Voltage Sag (Bepress).

136 Robust Control Against Rotor Resistance Variations For Speed Sensor Less Induction Motors(Ieee).

137 Static Var Compensator Based Voltage Control Implementation Of Single Phase Self Excited Induction Generator (Ieee).

138 Real & Reactive Power Co-Ordination Of Upfc (Ieee).

139 Simulink Implementation For Reducing The Motor Derating And Torque Pulsation Of Induction Motor Using Matrix Converter

140 Fuzzy Logic Speed Control Of A Dc Motor (Ieee).

141 Optimal Placement, Replacement And Sizing Of Capacitor Banks In Distorted Distribution Networks By Genetic Algorithms (Ieee)

142 A Simple New Control Technique For Upqc (Ieee).

143 Direct Power Control For Three-Phase Pwm Rectifier With Active Filtering Function (Ieee) .

144 A New Topology For Unipolar Brushless Dc Motor Drive With High Power Factor (Ieee) .

145 Operating Stationary Fuel Cells On Power System And Micro Grids (Ieee) Matlab

146 Upfc Controller Design For Power System Stabilization With Improved Genetic Algorithm(Ieee).

147 Ga Neuro-Fuzzy Damping Control System For Upfc To Enhance Power System Transient Stability (Ieee).

148 Performance Optimization In Switched Reluctance Motor Drives With Online Commutation Angle Control (Ieee).

149 Low Cost Inverter For Domestic Fuel Cell Applications (Ieee).

150 Harmonics Elimination Technique Applied To An Npc Topology Three Level Inverter Used As Static Var Compensator (Ieee).

151 The Use Of Matrix Converter In Direct Torque Control Of Induction Machines (Ieee).

152 Automatic Voltage Regulator Using An Ac Voltage–Voltage Converter (Ieee).

153 Power System Stability Improvement Using Energy Storage With Fuzzy Logic Controller (Ieee).

154 A New Technique For Simultaneous Detection Of One To Two Open– Switch Faults In Three Phase Voltage–Inverter–Fed Pm

Brushless Dc Motor Drive.

155 A Two-Level, 48-Pulse Voltage Source Converter For Hvdc Systems.

156 A Vector Controlled Induction Motor Drive With Neural Network Based Space Vector Pulse Width Modulator.

157 A New Control Strategy Of Upqc In Three-Phase Four-Wire System.

158 An Approach Of Dsm Techniques For Domestic Load Management Using Fuzzy Logic.

159 Analysis, Design, Modeling, Simulation And Development Of Single-Switch Ac-Dc Converters For Power Factor And Efficiency


160 Application Of Interline Power Flow Controller To Atc Enhancement By Optimal Power Flow Control.

161 Artificial Immune System Based Dstatcom Control For An Electric Ship Power System.

162 Band-Constrained Technique For Direct Torque Control Of Induction Motor.

163 A Pso-Based Optimum Design Of Pid Controller For A Linear Brushless Dc Motor.

164 Calculation Of Very Fast Transient Overvoltages In Gis.

165 Comparative Evaluation Of Two Models Of Upqc For Suitable Interface To Enhance Power Quality.

166 Comparing And Evaluating The Performance Of Sssc With Fuzzy Logic Controller And Pi Controller For Transient Stability


167 Direct Torque Control Of Brushless Dc Drives With Reduced Torque Ripple.

168 Distributed Facts—A New Concept For Realizing Grid Power Flow Control.

169 Enhancing Power Transfer Capacity Of Transmission System By A Reduced Magnetics Based 48-Pulse Statcom Controller.

170 H-Bridges Vsc With A T-Connected Transformer Based Three-Phase Fourwire Dstatcom For Power Quality Improvement

171 Flexible Reactive Power Control In Multigroup Current-Sourced Hvdc Interconnections.

172 Inductor Less Dc-Ac Cascaded H-Bridge Multilevel Boost Inverter For Electric/Hybrid Electric Vehicle Applications.

173 Modeling And Simulation Of Electromagnetic Conducted Emission Due To Power Electronics Converters.

174 Modeling And Simulation Of Dynamic Voltage Restorer (Dvr) Based On Hysteresis Voltage Control.

175 Modeling And Power Quality Enhancement To Ac Drives Based On Synchronous Pi Current Control Technology Of Pwm Rectifier.

176 New Online Loss-Minimization-Based Control Of An Induction Motor Drive.

177 Direct Torque Control Of Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor (Pmsm) – An Approach By Using Space Vector Modulation (Svm).

178 Ride-Through Control Of A Doubly Fed Induction Generator Under Unbalanced Voltage Sags.

179 Simulation Of D-Statcom And Dvr In Power Systems Matlab

180 Space Vector Modulation Of A Six-Phase Vsi Based On Three-Phase Decomposition.

181 Transient Fault Response Of Grid Connected Wind Electric Generators.

182 Simulation Of Four Quadrant Operation & Speed Control Of Bldc Motor On Matlab / Simulink.

183 Control Of Active Filter In 25kv Ac Traction Systems.

184 Estimation And Mitigation Of Voltage And Current Harmonics In Distribution Systems.

185 Damping Of Low Frequency Oscillations In Power Systems With Neuro-Fuzzy Upfc Controller .

186 Modeling Of Series Voltage Source Converter Applications .

187 Simulation Of Four Quadrant Operation & Speed Control Of Bldc Motor On Matlab / Simulink.

188 A Novel Dfacts Device For The Improvement Of Power Quality Of The Supply

189 Active Power Filter Based On Cascaded Transformer Multilevel Inverter

190 A Hybrid Ac/Dc Micro Grid And Its Coordination Control

191 A New Multilevel Inverter Topology Using Less Number Of Switches(Ijest)

192 A Single Phase Five Level Inverter For Grid Connected Photovoltaic System By Employing Pid Controller

193 An Hybrid Multi Level Inverter Based Dstatcom Control(Ieee)

194 Cascaded Multilevel Voltage Source Inverter Based Active Power Filter For Harmonics And Reactive Power Compensation

195 Comparative Study On Carrier Overlapping Pwm Strategies For Five Level Diode Clamped Inverter(Ijcee)

196 Comparison Of 3-Level And 9-Level Inverter-Fed Induction Motor Drives

197 Comparison Of Z-Source Inverter Fed Induction Motor With Traditional Source Inverter Systems(Rjaset)

198 Control And Analysis Of The Modular Multilevel Cascade Converter Based On Double-Star Chopper-Cells

199 Control Strategy For Harmonic Elimination In Stand-Alone Dfig Applications With Nonlinear Loads

200 Design And Implementation Of Neuro-Fuzzy Vector Control For Wind-Driven Doubly-Fed Induction Generator







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