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Abstract Insurance System is an innovative system of Insurance solutions provider to the clients of multi angels providing insurance business management at a feasible cost features according to the relevant functionalities. The online Insurance Management System Software solution is a fully automated and integrated policy processing system for both personal and commercial insurance carriers. It is a scalable, reliable, and cost-effective solution for carrying out all business-critical insurance processing functions. Insurance system automates the management of insurance activities, which involves Defining Policies, Schemes, Policy Specifications, Policy Terms and Conditions, Policies registrations by the customers, Facilitates the Premiums Flexi-Pay modes, Policy Bonus in Flexible periods. The Agents are involved in the process of the Customer Policy registration and the Commissions are based on the targets achieved by the Agents. Insurance System also maintains the database of the Branch Managers who deals with the Agents which in turn deals with the Customers. The main theme of this project is automation of the Insurance System and processes the all activities through on line. Here the main advantage of this system is to access this database globally for authorized users. The customers pay their payment at any branch and also know their details at any branch. Here dynamically generated the reports like premium payments details, bonus details, due details. The main advantages of this system are to reduce the time and also manpower. These two factors are very important to improve any organization. Purpose The system is an online application that can be accessed throughout the organization and outside customers as well with proper login provided, which will give better service to the customers. Scope The scope of the Insurance policy management software solution is as follows: This system can be used as an application for the users of the insurance company to track the policies and customers information. Customer logging should be able to get the premium payment dates and payment history and bonus information. Overview Overall description consists of background of the entire specific requirement. It also gives explanation about actor and function which is used. It gives explanation about architecture diagram and it also gives what we are assumed and dependencies. It also support specific requirement and also it support functional requirement, supplementary requirement other than actor which is used. It also gives index and appendices. It also gives explanation about any doubt and queries. Existing System The Existing system is a not a computerized application using which the insurance company maintains all their business details at each and every branch individually that leads to co-ordination gaps between braches. If customer wants the information of a policy they must keep a request to the company people and get the information which is a time delay process. Maintaining all the company business transactions in excel sheets is a tedious process. If the company wants any record then they have to search all the records. The whole process is now manually controlled. Limitations in Existing System Maintaining the data in an excel sheets and files is very hard to remember the file names in which the required data is feed. No easy access to the required queries. Data redundancy, inconsistency, lot of human work need to be done in order analyze the details present in the excel sheets. It leads to wastage of time. Calculations has to be done manually Customers has to remember their premium dates and payment history Agent has to remember their customers information A customer can interact with insurance company through one branch always. New policies information has to send to different branches manually Customer bonus has to be calculated and updated manually. To overcome all these problems we need to develop a software system which tracks all the above activities. This system is very helpful to automate the entire Insurance system and also reduces the time and manpower. Proposed System The Proposed system is a software solution to overcome the difficulties in the exisiting system. It is an intranet and internet based application which helps both company people and customers to access the required information with in short time.The web enabled insurance policy management software solution system is designed to automate the entire operations of current generation insurance company. It allows multi-branches, multi-policy system handling that includes various Services. It provides effective co-ordination between different branches of the company. It allows authorized users to access the information according their role. Advantages over Existing System Maintaining the business data effectively cross different branches of the company. Data redundancy, inconsistency, lot of human work will be reduced. Calculations will be done automatically Customers can view their premium dates and payment history information from online. Agent can access his commission details from online. This system provides a Common User Interface for the system to log on to the system. Here the user interface is Graphical User Interface. This application is a Web based Application. Being a web based application it doesn’t require any client side installation. Any number of users can interact with the system simultaneously. Software Requirements Operating System : Windows XP/2000 User Interface : HTML, CSS Client-side Scripting : JavaScript Programming Language : Java Web Applications : JDBC, JNDI, Servlets, JSP IDE/Workbench : EditPlus Database : Oracle/ MySQL Server Deployment : Apache Tomcat Hardware Requirements Processor : Pentium IV Hard Disk : 120 GB RAM : 512 MB






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