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I-Resource Manager

Platform : JAVA

I-Resource Manager I-Resource Manager is a Java J2EE I-Resource Manager designed to support multiple projects with independent user bases. It supports features such as multiple versions and project components, detailed histories, per project user permissions and multiple email notifications. Primary goal is to provide a simple, yet powerful I-Resource Manager easily usable by non-technical people. This is accomplished by providing a simple web based system that can be customized on a per installation basis. I-Resource Manager allows us to automate the issue management in an hierarchical manner. There are four types of issues bug, task, request and support issue needs to be maintained by I-Resource Manager. I-Resource Manager provides the ability to create new issues in a project from the project list page. Users must have Create Issue permission in the project they wish to create the issue in. Currently a new issue is only required to have a description and a history entry by default, but required custom fields can also be added. It also provides the ability to modify existing issues in a project from the project issue list page and view the issues. I-Resource Manager will add the ability to control permissions via user roles and groups. While the permission system is flexible, it is difficult to manage the permissions with a large number of users and projects. The new system will allow a group to be created, and a set of permissions assigned to the group. Then users can be assigned to the group. The group’s users and permissions can be modified at any time. These groups will form the core set of permissions for a user, which can then be augmented individually if needed. Features: Create, edit and delete an issue in a project Move an issue to a different project Full issue activity auditing and Issue searching Attachment support and attachment management Detailed histories and email notifications Per project components and versions Project locking (complete, view only) Online real-time customization of statuses, severities and custom fields Scheduler with the ability to create new tasks Managing the projects, users, reports, attachments and scheduler Change the issue status Struts based platform independent J2EE application Technologies Used: J2SE, Servlets, JSP, Struts, JDBC and Java Script Project Overview This is an intranet-based project, which provides Bug Tracking, Help Desk Ticketing. Issues related to different software projects can be raised, tracked and resolved by employees of different departments. Resolved issues can be allowed to access from Knowledge Base as Knowledge elements. The different groups and representatives can interact each other through this System. It allows you manage the projects, users and attachments very effectively. Project Scope This intranet application has been developed to be implemented in place of existing manual system. This project would automate the operations of the administrator and would retain the present functionality available in the current system. The specific purpose of this system is to gather and process information about different issues in all the projects of the company. The administrator is responsible for the maintenance of this system. Based on the category of the user i.e. employee or administrator, the various parts of the system are made available to the users. It allows you to maintain different projects ,users and Scheduling the tasks. Need for the System Every organization maintains the details of the employees at different levels with different permissions, projects and schedules that are associated with it. The administrator of the organization is sole responsible for the maintenance of the entire system. If the organization of medium scale (around 100 employees) then the administrator can manually handle the system but, if the size increases then managing the work means scheduling and monitoring from top level to bottom level in Bug Fixing departments will be cumbersome, tedious and error prone. In order to make it more formal and efficient an intranet-based system is needed that involves the GUI, so any authorized employee can access the system to view the issue thereby making the task of the administrator easy. An information system is needed to incorporate all factors, which help the manager to take timely decisions and provide a better and more reliable service. A user friendly system is one that is easy to manage always and information in all fields are laid in a proper consistent and effective manner. Drawbacks in present manual system: Time consuming: Maintaining the details of issues, projects, employees, and attachments manually is a tedious job. Security Security in the database cannot be provided, as information is stored in the logbook Difficult in coordination In the manual system it is difficult to have coordination between the employees at different levels. Difficulty in maintenance It would be difficult for an organization to maintain the record of issues and to track them. Proposed System The I-Resource Manager is an intranet system, which gives information about the issues and their status. It helps the administrator for the administration and maintenance of the organization. It fulfills the different requirements of the employees and administrator of the organization. The specific purpose of this system is to gather and resolve issues. In this system about the employees, projects, issues, attachments, etc. are maintained. The administrator has the privilege to add employee, project, attachment priority and status. This system helps the administrator in the maintenance of the organization in an efficient manner. The various tasks of the administrator are automated that makes the tasks easy. The various users of the system include the employees and administrator of the organization. The authorized user is given permission to view the issues and can modify / resolve issues. Any user can view the knowledge elements (i.e. resolved issues). The user can also search for issues. The Required Operating Environment support for this product is: Operating System: Windows 2000 and above. Database Support: Mysql and above. Language: J2EE technology (Servlets, JSP) and Struts GUI Design: Microsoft FrontPage, HTML, and JavaScript. Browser Support: Internet Explorer5.0, NetScape4.0 or above Hardware: Processor with 1 GHz speed and with 256 MB Ram






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