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ABSTRACT Now-a-days the job market is so extensive that a variety of industries and companies are searching for right candidates and the prospective candidates are searching for right companies for growth opportunities. This purpose is served by most of the job portals on line. This is another job portal with an open environment for the job seekers and recruiters to meet on the same dais and know about each other so that the right candidate is placed in a right company. The aim of Job Portal is facilitate both the candidates seeking jobs as well as the employers looking for employees for their companies. In this online application, any job seeker can search for the available jobs at any moment with updated information. When he finds a job, he can post his application to the job on line. Employers can advertise the vacancies by taking the membership, logging in and posting the job information with the eligibility criteria for the jobs. This software establishes a direct connection between the employer and the job seeker. A job seeker can directly visit this portal and view the jobs availability information along with downloading the required information. When he logs into the system, he would be able to upload his application and post walk-in details which he knows would be held by a company. This information helps other users very much to attend the same. Further, the user will be able to view the list of companies for which ha has already applied. This enables him to take a decision when he gets a call from a company and how much time elapsed since he has applied for the company. A registered user will be able to get useful information regarding the placement papers and sample resumes which help him to create his own resume according to industry standards. Common interview questions and sample covering letters are also available online along with FAQ’s which aid the candidate to pave his route into the job world. A recruiter or employer can view some part of the information of job seekers initially. When the recruiter logs into the system, he would be able to view the user profiles separately along with uploading the information of newly created jobs and walk-ins. He can also see all the applications received for a particular job in response to his advertisement. Thus Job Portal is a common platform where corporate recruiters and job seekers come under the same roof. CURRENT SYSTEM: Here the existing the is nothing but the existing job portal developed using the platform independent technologies like ASP, PHP etc. It is not allowing to cater the needs of all type of users (Job Seekers, Employer and administrator) properly and doesn’t provide convenient mechanism like reducing unnecessary information for end user acceptability. Disadvantages: Doesn’t provide effective and efficient services for different users of this sytem. Doesn’t provide secure and portable application Doesn’t provide all other related services under this portal Doesn’t provide the facility to the Job Seeker to track the job details to which he has applied for. Doesn’t provide Fast and efficient system With the advent of new technology every task in modern life is being absorbed rapidly within the routine of human life. Such technologies are applied for various fields to improve the overall system performance to improve the productivity and popularity of the organization. PROPOSED SYSTEM: This product has been mainly designed to overcome some of the problems faced with the previous system. The main problem faced was unnecessary delay in generating the required information by all unnecessary fields into consideration. It provides an efficient way to pass the information between different users to cater their needs. It is a Complete Portal for Job seekers and employers. It is an exclusive career portal aimed just for the service of job seekers. It is a common platform where corporate recruiters and job seekers come under roof. It is a one stop information clearing house about jobs and careers. Job Portal mainly aims on two kinds of users Jobseekers Search jobs, post your resume and access career info and download sample resumes, Papers of various recruiters and sample cover letters etc. and can upload any useful info. Employers Get instant access to today's most powerful hiring tools - post jobs, search resumes, screen candidates and streamline your entire hiring process. Advantages: Faster and efficient system Wider range services available under one roof Highly Secure and Portable application Provides a facility for the Job Seekers to track their job details he has applied for Provides a facility for the Employer to search for required people very easily Provides efficient search mechanism using dynamic query generation Number of Modules The system after careful analysis has been identified to present itself with the following modules: Job Street Module: This module provides user interface to add the new jobs in job street. This module deals with the functionalities like Posting Jobs & Walk in details. This module also includes job search functionality which is very helpful for job seekers to search various jobs. Also provides facility to filter the jobs based on various filters like Location, Experience and Functional Area. Keyword search is also available. User can filter the results by specifying the criteria like ‘any word’, ‘all words’ and ‘Exact Phrase’. This search engine uses Dynamic Queries to generate exact results. Functionality that allows registered Job seekers to apply for the selected jobs also included in this module. Resumes Module: This module deals with user registration and creation of user profile and uploading resume. Also allows users to update their details and change the uploaded resume. Registered users can login and view their profile and can edit it. In this module some model resumes are available and any of the user can use those resumes and they can download the resumes. Upload & Downloads module: This module allows users to download placement papers, sample resumes and cover letters, FAQs and other useful information. Also allows registered users to upload their own content to the server. This module keeps the data in a secure manner to avoid un authorized file access. In this module the user can upload any of the following things. Sample Resumes, Cover Letters, Placement Papers, FAQ’s, Tutors, and all the information. Only the registered users can upload the above information. Otherwise it will show the message like “you are not the authorized person to deal this”. Any of the user can download the information without taking any registration. Employer module: This module mainly deals with functionalities provided for the employers which include Employer registration, Posting of Job & Walk in details. View profiles of job seekers and view the resumes of candidates applied for various jobs posted by them. The employer is having some tasks to perform without login and some tasks to perform after login. The employer module can display all the job details. Only the employer user can post the new job. The employer user can view all the details of jobseekers when he was entered into his login. This module contains all the walk-in details. Required Hardware Pentium IV processes architecture 512 MB RAM. 40 GB Hard Disk Space Ethernet card with an Internet or Internet zero. Required Software Database : MySQL 5.0, MySQL 3.51 JDBC driver Server : Apache Tomcat 4.1 Front end : JSP / Servlets, J2SDK 1.4, HTML, DHTML, Java Script Editor : Edit plus






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