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Title of the project Development of a feature-rich, practical online intranet knowledge mgmt system for the college (KMS). Abstract of the project This project aims at developing an online intranet knowledge management system. This system can be accessed throughout the college. This system can be seen as a source of maintaining all the information that are of interest and use to both the faculty and the students. The system enables the students and the faculty members to upload any kind of technical information. The system facilitates the process of retrieving the required information. The system will be comprise of two modules namely the administrator module and the user module. The administrator will have the rights of removing the uploads, as and when necessary. The user can read the documents uploaded by others, but cannot modify the documents uploaded by other users. The system also consists of help pages that allow the users to pose their doubts in the form of queries thereby enabling more effective access. The system has a facility to make automatic notifications in the event of any competitions or in the event of making important announcement. Introduction: This project mainly deals with building a system that can be accessed throughout the organization i.e. the college. This system acts as a repository of data which can be accessed within an organization. This system aims at facilitating the entire process of retrieving data into the system or uploading into the system. Methodology: KNOWLEDGE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM includes three actors namely the administrator, the registered user and the unregistered user. An interaction is established between these actors and the system. This is done using HTML at the front end and Oracle at the back-end. JSP is used for establishing connectivity. Scope: The entire concept of the “Knowledge Management System” is to build a system that can be dealt with in an easy and efficient manner. The scope of this project is wide. It can be accessed throughout the organization. It provides a user friendly interface. The various activities involved are retrieving data from the system, uploading data into the system. Modules There are three modules in terms of who uses the system. They are Administrator Registered user Unregistered user Administrator: The administrator is the monitoring authority of the system. The services provided in this division of the system are Login: The administrator enters into the services by entering the admin id and password. View inbox: The administrator can view the files present in the system. Upload files: The administrator can upload the files into the system. Delete files: The administrator can delete any file uploaded into the database. Change Password: The administrator, for security reasons can change the password. Answer queries: The administrator has to answer the queries posed by the user. Display Notifications: The administrator displays any important notifications. Add Exam Questions: The administrator can add question papers Add Branch: The administrator can add a category Delete Branch: The administrator can delete a branch. Registered User: The Registered user has his account which is created after the user registers himself. The services that are provided in this division of the system are Registration: The user has to enter his details into the registration form to register himself as a member. By doing so he becomes a registered member with an account. Login: The user enters his user id and password to access his accounts. View inbox: The user can view the files that are uploaded by him. To view those files that are uploaded by others he need not enter his account he can directly view them by following the links at the home page specifying different categories. 4. Delete Files: The user can delete the files from his inbox by selecting the option “delete”. 5. Upload files: The user can upload files into the system. The files comes under the branch to which that user belongs. 6. Change Password: The user can change the login password if he feels that his security has been compromised or if he has forgotten it. 7. Update details: The user can edit his personal details. 8. Forum: The user can post questions and get answers from other users. 9. Mock Tests: The user can write mock tests. 10. Help: The user can get help from the help module of the system. 11. Pose query: The user in the event of doubts that cannot be cleared by using help module, can pose queries to the administrator. Unregistered user: The only service provided to the unregistered user by the system is view the data present in the sys 1.Retrieve Data: The unregistered user navigates through the system by making use of the links provided on the home page. By selecting specified category, he can retrieve the data present under that category. 2. Read Notifications: The unregistered user can read notifications. 3. Register: The unregistered user can register himself and become a member and avail the facilities that the system provides to unregistered user. Existing System-Its Drawbacks For any organization a source of information is a very essential requirement. The conventional source of information for colleges is library. Its drawbacks are Retrieval is not easy. Quick updates may not be possible. Every time the user wants some information , he has to go to the library. Proposed System-Its Merits Knowledge Management System has certain advantages over the conventional library system. The advantages are It provides an easy way of retrieving information. User can also upload information into the system that can be viewed by others. Latest information will be available. Easily approachable Hardware and Software Requirements Hardware Requirements: Pentium- IV processor 256 MB RAM 1 GB HARD DISK(Minimum) Monitor Mouse and Keyboard Software Requirements: Operating System: WINDOWS-XP Programming Language: JSP Front End: HTML and Java Script Back End: Oracle-8i Web Server: Apache Server






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