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Multilevel Marketting

Platform : JAVA

MISSION Our mission is to offer cost-effective, superior quality and commercially viable services and solutions to our clients and partners by evolving into a significant global IT-solutionprovider. We shall adhere to strong internal value systems with integrity, fairness and the pursuit of excellence in all our activities. These principles will be visible in our interactions with our clients, partners, associates and employees. QUALITY FOCUS We are engineers, designers and business people. We work hard, work smart and enjoy helping our customers succeed in this hi-tech marketplace. We believe in the principle: "Do it right, the First Time". Our new employees, too, learn this principle quickly, because we want to give our customers what they want, rather than what we think they should have. The quality effort is backed up by results. We aspire to be a global leader in IT services and part of this mindset is to be a complete IT-solutions and services provider. At IMPACT, target is to set new benchmarks in productivity, customer satisfaction, employee satisfaction, and provide 'zero-defect' solutions. It is this urge to excel that drives us to search for new and better solutions that will support in every aspect of business strategy. PROBLEM ANALYSIS Multilevel marketing is a marketing methodology where a company doesn’t have direct outlets for its products instead it follows a strategy called chain marketing or network marketing. In this type of marketing a customer can directly buy the products from the distributor or he can become a distributor by registering himself with the company. When the person registers with the company he will be at the first level i.e. at the new distributor level. In order to promote himself to the upper levels he has to fulfill some criteria, which will be discussed later in this document. Based on the sales done by a person and the introduction of new distributors the person will get some incentives and promotions. The System entitled Multilevel marketing automation is a web based application employed by the marketing officials to achieve the highest efficiency in the given below tasks with in the required time: Calculation of incentives on sales. Promotion policies. Maintaining Distributor information. Monitoring special performances. Generation of reports Registration of new customer. Sales and purchases, etc. LIMITATIONS OF THE EXISTING SYSTEM The current system is totally manual. All the information related to the distributors are stored in the file called distributors file. All the entries in the file are made manually and also the incentives and discounts are calculated manually on the last day of the month. Therefore there is a lot of chance for errors to creep in. The registration is also done manually in the current system. The new customer gives his details and DD no. to the company and if all the details are found valid then the details of the customer are stored in the files. The same information of the distributor is stored in different files. Therefore the data redundancy occurs. In the current system if customer wants to become a distributor he has to visit the company and find one introducer for him. There he has to submit all his details and the DD number. And if they are found valid then the data entry operator of the Parivar consumer’s pvt ltd. will give a unique track id to the customer. Limitations of Current System: Because the current working system is totally manual many problems exist with the system such as: Time delay: In the existing systems all the information related to the transactions are stored in the registers, so it takes a lot of efforts and time to generate the reports, monitor promotion, calculate incentives on sales and purchases etc.. Redundancy: As the information passed through different registers, each register is consolidated and sent to next register, so the same information is being tabulated at each register. No Accuracy: Because of redundancy, the threat to accuracy arises. Because the same data is maintained at different registers there may be a possibility of tabulating the data wrongly. Information retrieval is a tedious process: When we want to see some old transactions it becomes a very cumbersome process because the old registers have to be taken out and the transactions have to be searched manually. No Security: There is no security in the current system, i.e. any unauthorized persons can change the data manually. Advantages of the proposed system: Time delay decreases: As the system is totally automated the operator can simply type the track id of the distributor and get the total information about that particular distributor. Accuracy increases: Because all the information is stored only in a centralized database the accuracy increases and there is a feeble chance of errors being crept in the data. Easy report generation: We can easily generate the reports as and when required by the management. We have to simply enter the track id of the distributor in order to generate the reports of that particular distributor. Security increases: The administrator can only modify the data in the database; therefore no other person can modify the data hence the security of the data increases. Data validation: Procedures are designed to detect the errors in the data while entering into the database, therefore the incorrect data will not be accepted by the system and hence the efficiency of the system increases. GUI: The proposed system is totally a Graphical User Interface, which makes it easier for the officials to manage the transactions in an easy manner. SOFTWARE REQUIREMENTS Presentation Layer HTML, DHTML, JavaScript, XML Network Layer TCP/IP Web Server Layer Tomcat, Servlets, RMI, JDBC, JSP, Language Specification J2SE1.2.1 Databases Oracle8i Operating Systems Windows 2000, Windows NT 4.0, Windows 9x HARDWARE REQUIRMENTS 1. Pentium with 233MHz or better 2. 64MB RAM minimum (128MB RAM) recommended 3. 800*600 resolution; 16 bit color (1024*768, 24 bit is recommended) 4. For offline message audio is preferred, but no need. 15” monitor (17” monitor recommended for best results)






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