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Online Course Portal for a Campus

Platform : JAVA

ABSTRACT Online Course Portal for a Campus is a web based application which can be used for a campus or organization. In the present computerized world, one can build-up his career through online courses having beneficial in time and achieving his goals in earning the biggest and most important investment in life. This project contains all the up-to-date information about courses. The system stores information about all the latest courses and the registered users. This allows registered users of the system to join a course available in the site and access the materials published for the course. People can register themselves as students of a course or faculty for a course. When a person registers himself as a faculty, an approval mechanism should be triggered by the administrator for approving the person as a faculty for a course. There will be a course portal home page which contains a registration link as well as a Login screen, My Course, Announcements, Register for a Course and Feedback. My Course provides all the information about the available courses and also the discussion board that provides interaction between the users. Announcements tab brings to a new page where the announcements can be viewed. Register for a Course provides two links, one for student and other for faculty. An extra link is provided for the faculty for uploading the course content. There should be a mechanism for the faculty members to create a test for the course specifying the test title and a set of multiple-choice questions and duration of time of the test. Finally, the main theme of project is to provide the users with a login for registration, selection of a course is made among the list of all available courses and creates a test environment for testing. This project titled Online Course Portal for a Campus is a web based application for the online implementation which can be used for a campus or organization for proving it for usage by all the people means to use it at any moment and at any time from any place. The project serve administrator to view the details of faculty and students and maintain their database in an efficient and effective manner so that their maintenance will be easy. The services providing for administrator are approving the faculty and students, maintain the personal details of faculty and students, add/delete the courses, consign a announcement regarding the course, activate the exam paper for a test, view the discussion board and feedbacks, provides certification to the students and salaries to the faculty. The services provided to the faculty are the faculty can view and update their personal details, upload the content for a course, conduct a test for the students, and places key and results of a test, view the discussion board and feedbacks and reply to the students. The services provided to the students are view and update their details, view the content of a course, take a test and view the key and result of a exam, add/view the discussion, gives feedback to the admin or faculty. Whenever anything is modified by the users, then the modified data, about the person who updated is maintained in the database. By this we are providing security to the users. The Online Course Portal for a Campus systems will include: ADMINISTRATOR: To create a course, by providing the course title and description. To approve faculty members for a Course. To maintain the details of faculty members and student of a Course. To view all the students and faculty members. To view and publish announcements regarding course. To view discussion board. To view the course content. Scheduling the work Receiving the Feedbacks FACULTY: To view their profile. To view their salary details. To view all the students of a course. Providing the course content to the students. To view the course content. To create course announcements. To view discussion board. Conducting tests of multiple choice questions to the students of a course. To maintain exam key and exam result. STUDENTS: To view / update their profile. To update their password. To register to a course. To view announcements and discussion board. To take a test. To view contents of a course. To mail feedback. EXISTING SYSTEM: Up to now the existing system is a system in which every thing is used to maintain manually by the institution. Drawbacks of Existing System: Limited to classroom. Possibility of missing lectures. At times, hesitation in asking doubts. Major problem is to maintain the information of all the registered users. Conducting exam and announcing results for such courses is very hard and it is a time consuming process. Providing content for number of courses at a time is a tedious task. PROPOSED SYSTEM: The proposed system is fully computerized, which removes all the drawbacks of existing system. Proposed system is an online application that can be accessed throughout the organization and outside as well with proper login provided Advantages of the proposed system: Ø Simulates an international classroom. No possibility of missing lectures. Discussion board will help u ask doubts in privacy. All the information about the faculty and students can be maintained in an efficient and effective manner. Saves a lot of time by conducting exams at a time for particular courses. Because this is also done in online. The system contains all the up-to-date information and stores information about all the latest courses and registered users. : Hardware Requirements: Server : Ram : 512MB Hard Disk : 40GB Processor : Pentium– II processor or equivalent Client: Ram : 128MB Hard Disk : 20GB Processor : Any Processor Software Requirements: Server : Operating System : Windows NT /95/98/XP Database : Oracle8i Web Server : Apache Tomcat 4.0/0.5 Client : Operating System : Any Operating System with IE 5.0/0.6 is supported. Browser : Internet Explorer Version 5.0/0.6






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