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ONLINE LEAVE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM Abstract: This project is aimed at developing an online leave management system that is of importance to either an organization or a college. The Leave Management System (LMS) is an Intranet based application that can be accessed throughout the organization or a specified group/Dept. This system can be used to automate the workflow of leave applications and their approvals. The periodic crediting of leave is also automated. There are features like email notifications, cancellation of leave, automatic approval of leave, report generators etc in this system. There are registered people in the system. Some are approvers. An approver can also be a requestor. In an organization, the hierarchy could be Engineers/Managers/Business Managers/Managing Director etc. In a college, it could be Lecturer/Professor/Head of the Department/Dean/Principal etc. The design of our project is aimed at developing an online leave management system that is of primary importance to a college. The order of hierarchy that we have followed is LECTURERàHEAD OF THE DEPARTMENTàPRINCIPAL. EXISTING SYSTEM In many of the organizations and colleges we do not have any software to apply the leave. All the work has to be done manually. An employee who wants to apply leave has to fill the leave form and hand it over to his superior. The superior then has to verify the employee’s leave balance in some files and then take a decision of whether to approve or reject that application. Then the employee has to go to the superior to know the status of his leave application. This all looks simple. But there is a possibility that the employee has no time to hand over the application to his superior or the superior not being available due to some reason. These situations put the employee in a dilemma. Our Leave management system provides a solution for this. Using this software the employee fills the readymade form available and sends it to his superior through the software. The superior receives the application, does the automatic verification and sends his approval/rejection back to the employee through the software itself. The employee can then see the reply for his leave application in the system. The software has simplified the work. PURPOSE OF THE PROJECT: The present era is technically far advanced. With the rapid growth in technology, the life style of a human being is changing on a very high pace. This advanced technology provides an average human being with opportunity of leading a comfortable life. One of the greatest technical advancements is the advent of computers. The computers in the present world find applications in almost all the fields of education, business, sciences, engineering, etc. Hence computers have become an important asset of every human being. One of the major applications of computers is in the field of internet. In the present day internet has become the most important and fastest means of communication and information exchange. Even the business firms use the facilities of internet and intranet with in their organization to exchange the information among various departments and also among industries. Hence the knowledge of computers is most extensively demanded in the present competitive world. With this point of interest of using the internet with in the organization for information exchange, this project aims at developing a suitable online leave management system which facilitates the employees of an organization (educational institution of particular interest) to apply for leaves to their respective superiors and receive the reply from them. Previously this was a process which required the employee to write his request on a paper and send it to their superiors through proper channel and wait for a written statement from his superior, which was very much time consuming. This project aims at reducing the paper work and provides the employee with the ease of applying leaves directly to their superiors and receive reply from them. This entire process is carried out using internet which is an added technical advantage. The main features include: A person will be able to a. login to the system through the first page of the application b. change the password after logging into the system c. see his/her eligibility details (like how many days of leave he/she is eligible for etc) d. query the leave balance e. see his/her leave history since the time he/she joined the college f. apply for leave, specifying the from and to dates, reason for taking leave, address for communication while on leave and his/her superior’s email id g. see his/her current leave applications and the leave applications that are submitted to him/her for approval or cancellation h. approve/reject the leave applications that are submitted to him/her i. withdraw his/her leave application (which has not been approved yet) j. cancel his/her leave (which has been already approved). This will need to be approved by his/her Superior k. get help about the leave system on how to use the different features of the system As soon as a leave application /cancellation request /withdrawal /approval /rejection /password-change is made by the person, an automatic email will be sent to the person and his superior giving details about the action The number of days of leave (as per the assumed leave policy) will be automatically credited to everybody and a notification regarding the same will be sent to them automatically An automatic leave-approval facility for leave applications which are older than 2 weeks will be there. Notification about the automatic leave approval will be sent to the person as well as his superior A summary report of the leave details of his/her sub-ordinates will be sent to every manager periodically A calendar giving the public holidays of the organization/college will be available on the system SCOPE OF THE PROJECT The project is aimed at developing a suitable user friendly software for leave management system which the employees of an organization can utilize through the intranet facility in the organization by which they can apply leave to their superior and get their reply (approval/cancellation). The scope of the project lies with the effective usage of it in an organization where different classes of employees work under the supervision of their superiors. This provides an effective means of communication between the subordinates and superiors of different departments of an organization. The project can be effective under the following terms: LAN connection provided in the organization to exchange information among various departments. Different classes of employees working with their respective superiors guiding them. A data base containing the details of all the employees A proper server to exchange the information with the systems in the LAN. HARDWARE REQUIREMENTS: - PC with 2GB Hard disk 256MB RAM SOFTWARE REQUIREMENTS: - Operating System : Windows XP Web Server : Apache Tomcat 4.1 Database : MS ACCESS Front End : HTML, Java Server Pages






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