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Platform : JAVA

Abstract Title of the project: Online-Tele-Network Current Scenario: The flow of work in telecommunication field in the current system is manual in nature. Which involves whenever a person needs a connection he must fill the application and submit it in the near by authorized center of telephone exchange. Now the application will be forwarded to the next level, if it is agreed, the corresponding applicant profile must be maintained manually. Similarly if the customer wants to exchange the phone facility, apply transfer for his phone, give any complaints or enquiry kind of service, they need to approach the office which involves manual work. For these types of operations many number of employees may involve to sort out the issues, and to get these results customer has to wait such a long time in queues at outlets. Proposed system: By using Online-Tele-Network application any customer can apply for a new permanent or temporary phone connection by giving his details in the portal, in addition with this he can apply transfer for his phone, and customer will get immediate response for his complaints or enquiries. So that we can reduce the manual work of employees and waiting process of a customer to get accurate results at faster rate. This application consists following modules. User Module Enquiry Module Admin Module Report Module 1. User Module: This module tells all about customers and their responsibilities while accessing Telecommunication portal, this module consists following sub modules. Applications Entries Enquiries Complaints Application processing: This sub module tells all about what are the different functionalities the user has to do, to get the access permeations of telephone connection and other related operations. This sub module is having following functionalities (a)Application for new phone connection If customer would like to take new telephone connection he/she has to fill an application form called “Application for new phone connection”. (b)Application for Phone Transfer If customer would like to transfer his/her telephone connection from old address to new address then he/she has to fill an application form called " Application for phone transfer “. (c)Application for Temporary Phone Connection Now a day’s lots of people are using their objects for temporarily because of their busy schedule. Like this some customers may be there would like to take temporary connection. For these kinds of people also we are providing services by charging some amount. (d)Application for Modifications If a customer wants any modifications except phone no., ref no., and address, he can get changed details. For example, purpose of phone from residense to Bussiness or Facility from Local to STD etc. (e)Application for Cancellation If any customer wants to cancel his telephone connection, he/she has to fill an application form by specifying all details in addition with password of user account (this is for security purpose). Entries: This module consists following functionality. (a)Changed Number Entry Some situations may occur like all phone numbers change because of telephone exchange up gradation. At that time New Telephone number allocated for corresponding old phone number. An operator has to enter these numbers. Enquiry Module: This module tells all about how the customer can go for different enquiries based on his/her requirements regarding his telephone services. (a)Bill Enquiry This is an enquiry made by a customer to know about his bill details by showing his bill ID or phone number. (b)Changed Number Enquiry This is an enquiry made by any customer to know New Phone Number by submitting old telephone number. (c)Enquiry by Telephone Number This is an enquiry made by any customer to know the details of a customer by telling Phone Number. (d)Application Enquiry This is an enquiry made by any customer to go for different enquiries for following categories. It consists of five categories i. Application Enquiry for New Connection ii. Application Enquiry for phone transfer iii. Application Enquiry for Temporary Connection iv. Application Enquiry for Modification v. Application Enquiry for Cancellation Complaints: By using this module user can send complaints to particular authorized person in telephone department. (a) Enter Complaints Any customer can send any complaints like Line Disturbance, phone dead and Incorrect Billing, to the authorized persons in telephone department by mentioning his/her phone no. According to complaints, those will be responded immediately. 3. Admin Module: This module is belongs to administrator, he/she can do any operations on user accounts and they will control all users in the portal like they can give access permeations to them by providing username and password at the same time they can delete the user account if any user cancels his/her phone connection. The employees of telephone department will take care of all the requests which are given by users through user module. 4. Report Module: In this module administrator will get different types of reports regarding customers like Number of users of a portal and customers of telephone service providers, cancelled users list, no. of complaints to the service provider etc. And this module is controlled by administrator only Software requirements: Operating System : Windows Technology : Core java, Adv Java (JDBC, Servlets, JSP) Web Technologies : Html, JavaScript, CSS IDE : MyEclipse Web Server : Tomcat Database : Oracle Software’s : J2SDK1.5, Tomcat 5.5, Oracle 9i Hardware requirements: Hardware : Pentium based systems with a minimum of p4 RAM : 256MB (minimum)






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