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Platform : JAVA

Web Wizard is a powerful internet and intranet solution that allows you to easily build a community and a great meeting place for all users/visitors of your web site. Here the users will be able to share knowledge, ask questions and exchange their ideas. It is easy to use and administrate, can be used anywhere, at any time through a web browser. You can use both on your intranet or Internet web site. Web Wizard is primarily build for the companies that need instant web boarding solution that is easy to use and manage. You can use this application in various ways: You can use it as a standard web forum where users will independently generate topics and discussions. It can be used as a support forum where your team will participate and give specialistic answers to the question posted. It can be a Knowledge base, since all topics posted will remain in forum database and can be searched by your users and web site visitors. Web Wiizard user interference is a new turn in webboard software development. This is rare webboard solution that allows user to have full overview of his and other people's topics while he is surfing through forum. By using multiple frames this application allows the users to have navigation trees, main display and important links all in one window and available all the time. It provides an attractive interface, an efficient forum engine, an easy to use administrative panel, an advanced permission control system and much more. It was built from the ground up around a MVC framework, it can be deployed on any servlet container or Application Server, such as Tomcat, Resin and JBoss. Its clean design and implementation make Web Wizard easy to customize and extend Searching through your forum messages has never been easier now. Advanced and regular search are on the disposal. By using advanced search, users are capable of narrowing their search and finding results in no time. All messages ever posted in forum are available for search all the time. Message posting was never easier. With just one click of mouse you are able to post new topic, reply or reply/quote to already existing message. Besides, this webboard solution supports advanced text editing, so users will be able to use text formatting tools like in any regular Windows program. Statistics about forum activity and recent posting are being posted on forum's main page. This page is very simple and all your users will be able to read each forum's activity in a blink of an eye. This statistics also shows which topics have been replied recently so each user will be able to monitor changes since the last time he/she visited your web site. People who wants to participate in this WebWizard has to register their self to restrict not allow the authorized access to disturb. After registration the user can login into the online Forum and post the question in the Forum to which he wants the solutions so the other registered users of this Forum can see all the posted questions and can provide answers to any no of questions. Like that any no of users can answer a single questions means a question may have mutiple answers from mutiple users. The users can see the multiple answers for his question. There are three types of users who can access this forum: 1. Administrator 2.Normal User 3.Moderator Normal user - can use avatar, send messages, add and read posts/threads, get attachments. Forum Moderator - adds to Normal user - can edit Forum/Category; delete post; manage polls (to be added); and use attachments. Forum Admin - adds to Moderator - can delete Forum/Category Existing System: The existing system is not computerized in the form of software application. All the questions were being sent manually to a group by mails. To make this laborious job simple it is to be developed as a software application. Disadvantages: 1. Every User who is a member of the query group can send queries to the group and all the people in that group will receive that queries even though he is not interested and ultimately his mailbox was full if he keep on receiving the mails. 2. If a person wants to send a answer to a particular query then he has to send reply to the entire group to make that query and answer available to all the person in that group then the user who is not interested to see the answer for a particular query also receives the answer. 3. It is not possible to maintain query repository at a centralized location. 4. If a fresh user registered in that group doesn’t any previous knowledgebase details. 5. It is difficult to search for a category of questions or answers and segregate them into different categories Proposed System: The first step of analysis process involves the identification of need. The success of a system depends largely on how accurately a problem is defined, thoroughly investigated and properly carried out through the choice of solution. This package has been developed in order to overcome the difficulties encountered while using the manual email system. This allows the forum administrators to maintain the knowledgebase at a central location. So the user need not maintain the entire database in their respective mail boxes which saves the space. Advantages: We can divide the entire forum into different categories so that the user can easily post a query into a particular category and the users can also search or pickup a query from a particular category very easily. Using these application users can effectively communicate through user-friendly screens. Each and every user who registers in this Forum can see the knowledgebase repository at any point of time. Maintaining multiple answers for a query is also very easy here. Project Scope and Objectives: Web wizard is a place where user can post and receive the answers through user-friendly screens Maintaining different types of users with different permissions at different levels Reduces the mail interaction work. The wastage of time is reduced for searching or posting the query in a category Effective user management by placing users into different groups Setting the user permissions like activating, locking the users also . We can send an email to a member for notifications from this application. We can see how many users are there in online We can assign ranks to the users Software constraints : J2SDK1.4,Tomcat5.0 and Mysql5.0 Operating System : Windows2000/ XP Reports : Database Hardware Constraints : Pentium Processor : 2.0 GHz RAM : 512MB Hard Disk : 80 GB






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